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For a long time, I stopped writing comments on website articles because often the comments were being rejected and I couldn't figure out why. I spend quite of bit of time reading each article and writing the comment. I understand that some may be rejected, but I would like to know why. This has started to happen again. Recently, I thought I offered a good comment on a website that helped me make a program decision. I wrote and rewrote the comment because I wanted to relate it to what I was
The most dynamic feature of OBS is live streaming. All the features that have been used in other posts come into play in live streaming. OBS acts like a control board when live streaming. One can add images or videos or other live streams by simply moving through the list in the "Scenes" column. This post will not cover the use of any particular streaming platform.Once your live stream session is set to go, clicking the " Start Streaming" tab in the "Controls" column engages OBS with your li
This post will put all the parts together from past posts to make a short video. This may be the most confusing post. In many video editing programs, you can cut clips and paste them together. With OBS you stack the clips as scenes and scroll through them to make a video. Once you have set up a series of scenes with images or text or media in each, you can go to the first scene hit record and either manually or automatically scroll through the scenes as quickly or as slowly as you want. W
There are lots of ways to fine tune each scene in OBS. Some of these are complicated settings. Others are simple choices based on personal preference. The image above is from a clip from a YouTube video which I flipped 180 degrees. That's just one of many adjustments that can be made. These two icons are on the right side of each line in the "Sources" column. Their function is exactly what they look like. The eye turns the image in the preview window off and on. The lock locks or unlocks
June 19, 2022
My Dad was an executive with a natural gas company. Every year, he would haul my mom, my sister, my dog and me from Pittsburgh to a remote cabin he had built on a lake in southern Ontario. He had the old Nash Rambler station wagon packed to the ceiling. The road stopped a quarter mile away from the cabin, so he had to carry everything from the car. Of course, I was off swimming or fishing. He would stay for two weeks and go back to work for a month leaving all of us there.... without a c
This post will explain how to capture any form of media from the internet. A media clip can be video or audio. The image above is from an animated clip that I added to a YouTube video to illustrate "waited patiently." The media clip has to be downloaded to your computer because a URL cannot be directly copied into the OBS media browse window. However, in a later step, you will see that it is easy to use a clip directly from your downloads file.Once a blank scene is created by clicking +
June 17, 2022
Hey, Everyone. I recently noticed that some of my comments are disappearing. I hit the "approve and reply" tab after responsding to a comment submitted on one of my website posts and it just disappears. It has taken me 3 trys for the approval notice to come up. The same thing is happening with my WA blog comments. Quite a few times, I have noticed after leaving a comment that it does not show up if I go back to the post to check. I was wondering if it might be due to traffic at the time of
This post will look at one of the fun functions in OBS ... using a video capture device. The image above is one usb video camera through OBS. It's easy to switch to another device if two are plugged into the computer. The image below is a second camera. Once you learn to capture an video device, it's easy to switch..After hitting the + in "Scenes", hit the + in sources and choose video capture device.This opens a window that allows you to choose the devicenby clicking on the arrows to the r
This short post will introduce the "Settings" tab of the "Controls" column in OBS. The "Controls" column in OBS is just that. This is where you adjust every part of your video. The "Settings" tab is at the bottom right of Controls.Clicking on this tab opens a menu with all the preferences for a video production.The tabs are self-explanatory. The preferences in each tab are easy to understand. Once a menu under a tab is opened, it is just a matter of selecting a setting. There is one sett
This post is about the Scene Transitions and Recording in OBS. The picture about is the opening scene of a Youtube Video. The transition type, in this picture is a fade and the duration of the fade is 2312. The image above transitions to this image after being on the screen for 5 seconds. These are the scenes that I will scroll through to produce the YouTube video. Some scenes are images and some are video clips. All have been set up exactly the way that was laid out in the last post and i