Get back in the game!

Last Update: March 03, 2015

OK, so I dropped the ball for a while. My first 2 months here were full steam ahead, moving through the lessons and building my website.

As a total newcomer it was quite overwhelming, and when I started to hit a few technical snags like setting up a paid membership site and having trouble with ads from shareaholic I started to lose focus. Doubts crept in that there were parts that I couldn't do myself.

I still did a bit here and there, but all momentum was gone. Other things took over. Every time I came back to WA I was overwhelmed, simply because I was trying to do too many steps at once.

So I had a bit of a break, stepped back a bit to get my head around the bigger picture. Then break it right back down to small steps. Take one at a time.

I now have a clear path forward. I know there are things that are going to stump me, temporarily.

It's time to get back in the game. Every small step is still moving forward!

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MFreire Premium
Check out my Blog on "What is Fear Really Trying to Tell You. I do spiritual Blogs about life and overcoming obstacles. Have a great day.
DrBrad Premium
Cool, thanks
NemiraB Premium
Yes, I know this feeling. Anyway, we need to move forward. Good luck!
floridajf Premium
That is definitely true, every small step is still considered moving forward. Awesome post. Great to see that you are getting back to work! Good luck :D
Ahkvir Premium
Awesome to see you getting back on track! I agree it can be overwhelming, I myself have felt the same way here and there, but there's nothing wrong with taking it step by step. Just keep moving forward and we'll be here to support you all the way! Goodluck!