Anyone else overwhelmed!!

Last Update: July 24, 2014


I have just gone premium. Yay!

And I can tell you I am totally overwhelmed! Not just by the mountain of content here on WA, but by all the ideas that keep popping into my head like fireworks. I have come up with several niches (I have a lot of varied interests), niches within niches, ideas for content. I even woke up last night with new ideas for blogs and content that I had to get up and right it down!

I am overwhelmed by the amount of work I have in front of me, going through the training (which is happening very slowly as I keep getting distracted following links), and getting all my stuff together. Just gotta stick to it, one step at a time.

One week ago I knew absolutely NOTHING about internet marketing, never been on facebook, twitter etc, no idea what all the terms and abbreviations mean. But I've got some good ideas.

I've got a LONG way to go, but now, thanks to WA, I am on the way.

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sdawson Premium
Hey there Brad, yes this can definitely be overwhelming. I'm still in my first month and feel like I'm accomplishing things. Cook is right - its one step at a time, sometimes with a back step or two. Go through the training methodically and remember if you get hung up, there is an entire wonderful community to help you, so be sure and ask. Thanks for the follow
cookma54 Premium
Hey, I've only been at this for 2.5 months and I have accomplished more than I ever dreamed possible! I, too, was a total "newbie" but I am going v-e-e-e-r-y slowly, one step at a time ... and I really am making progress! It is hard to turn it off though with so much excitement running through your veins! lol Melody
DrBrad Premium
I know exactly what you mean Melody!

All the best,
Keane Premium
Hey Brad. Hope am not late in wishing you congratulations in going Premium. Wishing you success in abundance in your endeavors, both in and outside of WA...

Best as always,
burnzy Premium
Congrats!! Welcome aboard!
Just breath! Like you said take one step at a time and before you know it everything will fall in to place.

I have been here for just less than 3 months and i knew nothing about the internet never mind marketing and im ranking on pages 1,2 and, 3. All I did was follow the training to a T.

If I can ever answer any questions you have just ask and I will do my best.
Have a great day!
DrBrad Premium
Thanks man, I appreciate it!
caylynn Premium
Hooray! Premium is the best way to go. You are on your way.! Yes, we have all been where you are now at one time. Just keep asking questions, whenever you get stuck.

Funster, you WA family of friends and supporters want to help you create a successful online business. Lots of hard work ahead, but we got your back. ^_~
DrBrad Premium
Awesome, thankyou so much.
Really? I have 2 ideas that I don't think are very good and I've spent the last 6 days trying to be creative. Maybe I just haven't made it far enough into the training videos...
Congrats, btw!
DrBrad Premium
I am only up to lesson 4. I guess I already had the seeds of ideas brewing in the back of my mind for a while, so it's not like I am just coming up with new stuff. My niches are in areas that I either know a lot about or have an avid interest in.

Stck with, inspiration can strike at the east likely of times!
Best of luck!