Ohhh noooo. I pay the price for not backing up.

Last Update: May 26, 2014

Aggghhhhh This Sucks

Well it could have been worse. No, I didn't lose my hard drive, or even a website. It was only all my bookmarks from over the last two years on FireFox. Well not totally lost, just unusable with FireFox. But that is bad enough, all because I never thought to back up my bookmarks on my own.

Yes, Firefox does have back up features, but leave it to me. if I'm going to do something, I always try to be though and do a job well done lol. Somehow, I not only managed to lose all my bookmarks, but also all the backups that FireFox saves to be used to restore them. Even a complete system restore could not bring them back. Lesson learned. Not only to have scheduled back ups for your computer system, and your websites, but your browsers and other important software databases. That way if its only one piece of software fouls up, you do not have to do a full restore.

I now have it on my calendar to make a .html file of my bookmarks every month, that I will save in a folder on my external drive in case I ever need them again. I did manage to find a way to copy and paste at least all the titles of the links. So if I really need them, I can copy and paste them into Google, and hopefully find the page again. Yeah that sounds like it going to be lots of fun. Well looking at the silver lining on that big black cloud, its given me something to write about. That, and hopefully inspired a few of you to go and make a backup of your own bookmarks and other files that may be needed. Don't get caught like I did, you won't like it. I promise.

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Berny W Premium
Sorry if it is a silly question. But.... you did not mention how to do this? That would be helpful.
Drawshot Premium
Hi Berny, If you have Firefox, just click on your bookmarks to open them and there should be a tab to open all bookmarks. That will bring up a pop up page. At the top of the pop up there is a link to import and export bookmarks. Click on that tab and you can make a backup. If want to save it on another location, just choose "Export Bookmarks to HTML, and choose where to save it.
Savant Premium
You could try installing Chrome and then import bookmarks. It may work, because Google owns the internet and will sort out the lost URLs
Drawshot Premium
Tried, was nothing that it would import. But thanks for the suggestion
KatieMac Premium
I have never thought to back up the book marks, thanks for bringing this to our attention, something I need to get started on
benzburg Premium
As in many aspects in our life, we got to have a back-up / spare or a Plan "B" in order to be prepared and not caught by surprise, :).
TJ7774 Premium
Something I have been meaning to do! Just a job I am dreading.