A few methods I use to avoid Scams

Last Update: July 05, 2014

I’ve noticed, especially of late, a lot of WA members asking for information or advice on one company or another offering services or products. As in anything in internet life, when you join a group, website, or fan page, someone somewhere will make note of it.

Congratulations, you’re now the next name on a list to be sold, targeted for whatever niche you fell in by buying that domain name, webhosting account, or whatever it was. God knows I fell into a few scams myself over the years.

I get hundreds of emails and a number of phone calls a week . Many pitching a new, can’t live without piece of software. Or an automatic website that will make me hundreds, no thousands a week, or maybe a month. Here is the method I’ve developed and learned to deal with what to even bother to look at, and then maybe, maybe consider buying.

If they start off with promises of getting rich quick or making thousands in the next few weeks, it’s time for the trash, or to say no thanks and hang up. Simply put, if you knew how to make thousands in a month with little to no effort, what kind of brain dead person would you be to give that secret away? I know that I would just keep doing it myself and laugh all the way to the bank. Why would I be building websites and spending money for mailing lists to sell that secret for 17, 29, or even 99 dollars? If they promise to build me a website to build me a business to make thousands, why are they not doing it for themselves instead of bothering me?

Offers to send me thousands of FaceBook likes, webpage views, mailings lists on the cheap, all go in the trash too. I know, they are of no help and many will actually hurt whatever I’m trying to build or promote.

So why don’t I just delete or unsubscribe? Because once in a while I do find a little nugget of gold. A piece of software or plug in that will automate something that I’ve been doing or to do something different that would be of great use and time saving.

The key to it all is, is it something that is actually time saving, and useful, and at a decent price. Avoid the ones that promise easy money and riches without effort, cause it’s their riches that are being made, not yours.

One more method I use to find out the true cost of almost anything being promoted. Find their affiliate page and see what kind of money they are promising, and how many upsells and downsells they offer. That 17 Dollar product can turn into hundreds or thousands of dollars by the time you’re done paying for the “extras” that make it work as originally promised. And of course that special training to help you get there faster and better prepared.

My suggestion, stay the course with your training here at WA, and build your business with tried and true methods that have proven to work time and time over again. Avoid trying to buy your way to riches. Best wishes on your endeavors.

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WestBay Premium
Hello Drawshot, you have said a lot in that post, but people are what they are?
And this is what is played on; so the schemes you meet out there to catch those unaware and make a soft buy many times over and off course a profit for the scammers! So they invent new ways to repeat the same again...! But then its good to unsubscribe many times a day, a week, a month! If you have the time.
Myself I just delete the lot, and feel good afterwards, job done?
fairo Premium
Absolutely - best strategic move. Thanks.
KatieMac Premium
When i found WA I decided I would stay the course here and go onto build a business, as everything needed to really get underway, as I progress so does WA, really enjoyed your post thanks for sharing
Internetgranny Premium
I couldn't agree more with everything you've said here. (Though I must admit I have unsubscribed from many things and most of the ones I've kept go to my gmail account which I rarely look at. Family and friends, WA and suppliers I've bought from have my main email address.)
Drawshot Premium
Hi Isabella, believe it or not I do unsubscribe from a lot of them. I give them a month or two to come up with something I can use, if not, they are gone. Once they show me something useful, I'll keep subscribed for at least another 6 months. If they are sort of a one hit wonder, they disappear too.

Those that continue to recommend items that could actually be of use, (to someone), I tend to keep around. I figure they might keep finding little nuggets of gold, and one will be for me. Of course one mans treasure might be in someone elses trash pile.Thats one of the things that makes the world so interesting. Best wishes on your endeavors.
fairo Premium
Thanks Drawshot, I am glad I am not alone - I am allergic to hype. This is what brough me to WA, no one promised me an automatic dime. Old school perhaps, but definitely my school.
Drawshot Premium
Hi Faith, Same here, it was a short process for me to see the value of the content here, and the free trail was what got me in the door. I had looked at WA a number or times in the past, but because of being burned elsewhere in the past, no way was going to start paying sight unseen. Kyle and Carson's decision to open up that free trial was most likely one of their best business decisions they made. Best wishes on your endeavors.