5 Years With WA! My Personal Success Story

Last Update: December 29, 2020

Hey People!

I'm happy to announce my 5th year with Wealthy Affiliate. It has been quite a ride and Wealthy Affiliate has been the first mile stone in my entrepreneurship and self-freedom journey.


Before Wealthy Affiliate, Iwas working in a company as an engineer. Despite contributing to great things and learning and witnessing many special tchnical expertise, I was being dreaded by the fact that I was dependent on others. I'm a guy who likes freedom (well, who isn't?), and the fact that I can't determine my own schedule was driving me crazy. I got depressed everytime that I thought of myself as a modern slave.

BUT THAT CHANGED... All of this change started when I decided to take a step forward and try something new. I wasn't going to take that. I WASN'T GOING TO EAT IT UP. While searching ways for financial freedom 5 years ago, I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I didn't have any deep practice of digital marketing or web development or any kinda Computer Science related field at that time, but it sounded just like my thing.


The world is evolving more and more into a digital borderless realm, and geting acquainted with new age skills is a must. I decided myself: I was still working full time and earning sufficient money to finance my simple living and my other micro ventures, so, I had nothing to lose.

A yearly plan of Wealthy Affiliate didn't break my piggy bank, I saw it as an investment in myself and I was picking up many usefull new skills and practising them. These things are not as easy as they seem and finding a good starting point is WAY HARDER THAN YOU THINK.

If you're a starter, a stranger to technical aspects or the working mechanism of cyber worlds that we live in today, Wealthy Affiliate is just the right starting point with a great fundamental training, a huge community which is always at your service and great technical fundamental services that they provide to outsiders such as DNS and hosting servers. These may be quite confusing for a starter, but Wealthy Affiliate is a smooth transition.


Being an engineer and a little bit of a nerd guy myself, I picked up quite quickly. But Wealthy Affiliate was not my only safe heaven, because I demanded more, I wanted my websites to look EXACTLY LIKE I WANT.

That's why I enrolled to some other courses, which tought me everything I need to know about Web Development, Coding and Technical Digital Expertise. Thanks to them, now I have the ability to make my sites look and function EXACTLY as I wanted to, and I don't need to pay anyone else for additional outer services. I'm in charge and I have the control of everything, not being dependent on anyone else.

I even sold my services from time to time to other people and even if something goes wrong with your job, your life, you can always sell your own services, work distant on your own or for some other corporation if you want, and you can still live free, these new technical skills that you learn will always support you during your whole life, and demand for these technical knowledge is ever-growing.

So, I must state that Wealthy Affiliate provides everything you need to establish your foundation. That's great because it's not overwhelming and it's more user friendly to many people. But if you decide on getting involved further with the more technical side of things. then it will be LIFE CHANGING and it will present you ENDLESS opportunities. That's just my way, and I would really like to help anyone who's interested.


I made my first sale around 3 months, It was just a dollar and a half as far as I remember, but I was SO HAPPY. I t was a HUGE milestone for me. I saw that I could actually accomplish something on my own. And this was just the beginning.

I then started to work harder and enrich my website. After some little time, I started to make some good money. I was able to pay my Wealthy Affiliate fee by myself, technically, WA was free for me.))

I was also suffering from depression due to my bad inner family incidents, I was clinically ill and I've even taken medication for some while. That of course impacted me and my ventures badly. Meanwhile I wanted more out of my business and I understood that I have to learn more about it. These factors led me finding less time consantrating on a single business subject.

But then, I recovered and I'm better than ever. I'm more enthusiastic, more filled with knowledge, and working more than ever. And of course, I'm enjoying the fruits of my hard work :)


Well, it would be a bummer if I haven't told you about the accomplishments that Wealthy Affiliate enabled me to achieve, wouldn't it? Let's get at it.

I'm a boss of my own company.

I own my own company with a partner, we are working on international trade. Without Wealthy Affiliate, I would never have started to this journey of self discovery and never have acquired the skills for entrepreneurship.

I have understood the mentality of business

This is probably the most important part. I now have understod how businesses in general work. This has greatly broadened my vision and this practice can be applied ANYWHERE and to ANYTHING. It just clicks.

This is the best: I have multiple incomes :)

Of course the best part of it all is that I have multiple incomes. Not all my incomes come from Wealthy Affiliate directly or from any related services to WA, but it all started with Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks to Kyle and Carson, I applied the business principles I learned here also to other aspects of my life.

AND IT WORKED! Because these principles are universal. It depends on you how to use the knowledge, but be sure that it transforms you after some time if you concentrate enogh.

Is it worth it?

YES. But don't be fooled. This is no easy ride. This is no earn money quick, or be a millionaire in a click scheme. This is COLD HARD WORK. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 5 years now, even now I feel like I have many more to learn. I even signed up for other professional schools just because I needed to know what is more underneath.

I had to write, learn, make mistakes and learn from those mistakes many times. I had many successes, and many hard times. But all of these are the necessary parts of the progress. If you want to be free, If you want to explore a new realm of it's own, if you want to explore a world of ENDLESS opportunities, then SIGN UP.

Thanks to Kyle and Carson many times. Without you guys, I would never have started the journey. And thanks for all the members of this AWESOME community. You are GREAT!!!

Stay safe!!!

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BrightSales Premium
I might end up having similar story friend. I think starting at W.A. is the stepping stone to a successful path. I only been here a little over a year now and I'm grabbing as much knowledge in order to put my business plans to work. I knew nothing about internet marketing and affiliate marketing before joining W.A.
Anyone can have a great idea, but that great idea can be useless if you don't know how to build it the right way and have it seen by the billions of eye balls who might be interested in it. Thanks for sharing your success story. All the best!
DRattlesnake Premium
Definitely. The talk is simple, but the walk is the part not everybody can get involved in. That's why people are attracted by success stories, everybody finds themselves in them but they never seem to grasp the hard work and years of struggle behind it. That's why we should constantly keep developing ourselves and hone our skills. I wish the very best for you in the new year!!
HildeRegine Premium Plus
Loved to read your Story! I can totally relate to the modern slave thoughts you had. Glad to hear it worked out the way you wanted it and that you have used this knowledge to your own benefit.
DRattlesnake Premium
Thank you Hilde! I totally understand you. The struggle never ends, but struggle turns to a joy when you are trying for yourself. I hope you will never give up and achieve what you have in mind. Wish you a great new year!
DRattlesnake Premium
Hey guys! Thank you for all the nice comments, and I have removed other links which may violate the WA rules. Thanks for the reminder.
drjec Premium
You have really done well. Many folks just can't think about more than the next month and here you are after 5 years. Your post is really inspirational.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very well done, Duru! Happy 5 Year WAnniversary!