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I've just fullfilled my third year with Wealthy Affiliate. I'm proud to state that I've been enjoying EVERY second of it and I will be enjoying it for many many more years :)Here is a list of what Wealthy Affiliate added to me as real-time values:I've learned that there are actual ways to make an income by creating something of your own.There are ways that you can actually present your ideas and dreams to the world in the way you want.You DON'T HAVE TO BE DEPENDENT to some shitty physical work
August 12, 2018
I proudly announce that my followerrs have increased to 200 on Facebook. It's not muc, but still, it's a good start in Social Media engagement :) I hope it will rise in the near future and I will become a more authoritative digital estate.The main way that I've accomplished this success through is sharing it in various niche related groups. So, if you want to increase your followers in social media, signing in to niche related groups is a great way to go :)If you're interested in the subject, y
I am so happy to announce that I have received my first Amazon affiliate payment from Amazon!! It's around $180 dollars and I'm going to share the proof of it for all the beginners here or who wants some inspiration!!Here is the proof of my Amazon payment:You can see that a $183.81 was paid by Amazon to my bank account.But I'm not a US resident and that's where things start to get a little complicated.. I use an international payment service (I will make a review about it later) and it seems th
Hey there people!! Some time ago I noticed a thing about my websites and it was that they don't look the exact way I wanted to and in internet and media business visuality is probably half of the job.That's why I started to carry thngs to a different level and started learning Web Development!! I want to manipulate technology and make my websites look and act in the exact way that I want them to. I even started to learn Linux!! And being an engineer as an academic background definetely helps.Th
Hey people of this great community!!I'm gald to share with you a story of mine. This month I've earned $70 and this is the biggest value that I've earned per month till now!!I'm so happy that I could overcome this barrier and I wasn't even expecting to make some money when I started out. Thank you Wealthy Affiliate and thank you Kyle and Carson!!
These days I'm really happy with my results because this is probably the first time that I actually exceed my Wealthy Affiliate subscription cost :) I have sold some products that I've targeted specially and there were unpredicted extra sales too.Thank you Wealthy Affiliate!!!!
Hey there people!I'm writing to give you some great news about my progress in affiliate marketing. Today I reached my 100$ mark on my Amazon Affiliates account and I'm feeling so DAMN HAPPY!It's a great achievment and a check mark on the road lying ahead. I hope this to be an inspiration to anyone new here or for the ones who haven't accomplished their beginner goals yet.When I started out, I wasn't even expecting to make money. I have set my goals on self improvement on first place :)Thank you
Today I've earned my 2 years badge from Wealthy Affiliate. I'm grateful to WA for teaching me the concepts of internet world and opening new doors to me. I've actually made some money :)I'm looking forward to make my dream come true and achieve more on a personal basis. I want to make my dreams come true and the most important thng for that is not to give up.Thank you for 2 years and everything.
Today I've bought a new domain name, but for the first time from WA. I used to buy them from Namecheap when WA Domain Shop wasn't around but I wanted to try something new and bought it for a side project.WA Domain Shop was pretty easy to use and it may provide really great ease to ones who are new to the platform and the whole more detailed internet stuff.
August 11, 2017
I have been away for a long time from the interet marketing medium and WA, but now I'm back. And there are some radical decisions that I'm going to make.some raical decisions.Today I started taking the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course from zero. I was away for a several months and you ca imagine that my wits and reflexes of internet marketing have weakened and I must regain them and also shoul get acquainted with the latest trends.I'm starting from zero and I definetely recommend it to