Site Support here at WA

Last Update: August 02, 2017

Well I have been breaking websites a lot recently!

Each time I create a support ticket, it's resolved in RAPID time.

I'm talking <10 minutes.

This is one of the things I LOVE about being at WA.

I can break all my websites, and they will always have a daily backup, and they will always be fixed by the amazing support team!

I had a site on Hostgator hosting once, and I totally broke it. that was the end of that site!

I'll try not to break anymore sites, but it's great to know we have top notch support here :)

Has anybody else had a great support experience?


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AishaLabefo Premium
Always...Words cannot express how grateful I am when it comes to WA.
fleurallen Premium
I agree Dave this is a big reason I am going through the process of moving all my websites over to WA - it is so important to have this kind of reliable support
dragolith Premium
I am considering moving all my domains here too, it's so much easier that way.
Kyle Premium
That is wonderful to hear Dave and this is something that we pride ourselves in here at WA.

The SiteSupport is composed of a dedicated team of server admins, unlike other hosting companies where you go to support and you get the help desk who tries to relay your concerns to the technical team (which simply doesn't work).

And the great part, the support is only getting better and more efficient as time goes on. Not only do we get ideas for improvement based on this feedback (in terms of the hosting architecture), the efficiency of responses gets quicker as we get repeat issues.
dragolith Premium
It's something I pride myself in too as a member of WA :)

You all do an awesome job, thank you!