How to Deal with Distractions and Stay Focused on Your Goals

Last Update: March 22, 2019

WA tribe,

I have something to confess.

Yesterday I was in the middle of creating a new blog post for one of my websites and got a notification on my phone.

It was for a new YouTube video from a channel that I'm subscribed to.

So, instead of finishing my post I started watching the video. Then... I watched another, and then another, and another...

Before I knew it, I spent 3 hours straight on YouTube when I was supposed to be creating new content.

I ended up pulling an all-nighter and got the post finished anyway but the point of my WA post today is dealing with distractions.

Whether it’s social media, video games, online shopping, or a needy person, distractions are everywhere and they’re ready to intrude on your concentration and persuade you into believing that it’s alright to be unproductive.

If having a successful blog/niche site is important to you, then you need to establish some ground rules when it comes to your work time.

First, you need to set a work schedule for yourself.

Remember, YOU are your own boss. Therefore, you must set a high standard of accountability for yourself in order to get things done.

Think about it, if you were the boss or manager of a place of business, would you be ok with your employees being on their phones all day?

Of course not…

So, if you said you were going to dedicate 20 hours a week to your online business, then make sure you’re getting at least three hours a day (or four if you don’t plan to work on weekends) of dedicated work time.

Tell anyone who needs to know that aside from an emergency, you’re not available. That way your family and friends should know that you ARE at work and not just at home on the computer.

Second, turn off every other device and form of media.

TV, email, social media, streaming sites (Netflix, YouTube, etc.), basically anything that can take your eyes off your word processor or wp dashboard.

It’s a natural instinct to take a break from what you’re working on, but don’t give yourself a chance to indulge in it.

That’s why Facebook and YouTube are the most visited websites on the web.

You watch one cute animal video and the next thing you know, you’ve watched 20 of them and the day is gone.

Final Thoughts

Running a successful blog/niche site is either a hobby or a business to you.

If you treat it as a hobby, you’ll get hobby results that won't likely replace your income.

If you treat your efforts as a business, then you’ll get business results and distractions will become liabilites to you.

Have you allowed yourself to get distracted recently? How do you deal with them? Leave a comment so we can talk about it.

To our mutual success 🍺

- Doug

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Venture3 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
Lots of distraction but we need to be well focused and determined to get the work done.
All the best guys.
You've got to be laser focused
Babou3 Premium
Great advices!
I prefer to do everything I planned
before distracting myself on the platform.
I have to seperate my time to do a good job.

Have a nice day!
rubyandally Premium
So true and yet some of my biggest distractions are WA blog posts :-/ My other problem is family and friends not appreciating that I am working and not simply available due to working at home.
alisterbrede Premium
Yes, I get a little done and then something else comes along to take me off on a different tangent. Focus is so important
Ioan64 Premium
You have generated an excellent Doug post. You just reminded me that I'm wasting my time with other unnecessary searches on the internet. Thank you very much for getting me out of there.

Only for our mutual success