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WA tribe,I have something to confess. Yesterday I was in the middle of creating a new blog post for one of my websites and got a notification on my phone. It was for a new YouTube video from a channel that I'm subscribed to.So, instead of finishing my post I started watching the video. Then... I watched another, and then another, and another...Before I knew it, I spent 3 hours straight on YouTube when I was supposed to be creating new content.I ended up pulling an all-nighter and got the post f
You need to write your first blog post, but writing terrifies you. You know you need to get your site up and running so people can find it, but it's just not good enough yet. The work you're doing right now isn't making you any money, yet you still procrastinate with it.This type of procrastination boils down to a deeper issue that we fear the most... The Fear of Success.What if I don't succeed with this program? What if my website isn't good enough? What if my efforts have been in vain and for
Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations! Remember why you started on this path through every roadblock that WILL get in your way.To our mutual success 🍺- Doug