Eliminating Fear and Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Last Update: March 20, 2019

You need to write your first blog post, but writing terrifies you.

You know you need to get your site up and running so people can find it, but it's just not good enough yet.

The work you're doing right now isn't making you any money, yet you still procrastinate with it.

This type of procrastination boils down to a deeper issue that we fear the most...

The Fear of Success.

What if I don't succeed with this program?

What if my website isn't good enough?

What if my efforts have been in vain and for the umpteenth time, I fell victim to another "make money online" program?

Fear is a valuable thing. It keeps us safe and encourages caution when caution is due. But it's also limiting you from the success that you deserve.

Starting a successful blog/niche site is a big decision that comes with some justifiable fears.

After all, a blogger is someone that is supposed to be seen as an authority figure in what they blog about.

These fears can paralyze your mind and kill your online dreams.

How to Deal with Fear

If you have fears about your ideas and your blog being good enough, 9/10 it's because you have something different.

You have something that could potentially change the game in your niche.

Therefore, you SHOULD be afraid. Your fears are legitimate.

Admit to your fears and start to embrace them.

Fear should be your biggest motivator and once you embrace it, you will find humility and the motivation to prove it WRONG.

Humility will make you aware of your weaknesses and limitations.

Humble people know this and deal with their weaknesses by working harder to gain new strengths.

These new strengths will take you out of your comfort zone and lead you to the success you desire.

On a personal note, joining WA has helped me with my fear of being social with other online entrepreneurs.

The comradery alone has made joining this network well worth it and I've found something here that I never expected to find.

A community of people that wants me to succeed.

You guys are my rock and the reason my motivation has shot up through the roof.

Have you already started to doubt yourself or your knowledge? Do you feel as if your website won't be good enough to compete with similar websites? Leave your comments so the WA tribe can help!

To our mutual success 🍺

- Doug

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Ioan64 Premium
You have accomplished an excellent post, Doug, a post that urges us to be stronger and confident in our ability.

All my respect,

Babou3 Premium
Very good advices, it will help
a lot of members, I'm sure.

Have a nice day!
Dee0620 Premium
Very good post. Thanks!
DouglasJames Premium
thank you :-)
alisterbrede Premium
I think it was Marian Williamson who said: "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway". This usually shrinks fear to a more manageable size. Good for you.
DouglasJames Premium
Awesome quote. When it comes to being self-employed, liabilities like fear and procrastination are inevitable. It's all about how we manage and overcome them.
CandP Premium
Thanks for your post!
We have no doubts and just trust in the training. Step by step and with the community support we know we will achieve success.
We are with you on the journey.
C & P
DouglasJames Premium
I'm with you as well! Thanks for the support.