Unexpected Holiday Gift!

Last Update: Dec 17, 2013


I have received an unexpected holiday gift. December is a month packed full of emotions and feelings. For the first time in a long time I feel as though I have these emotions under my control.It seems as though all of my reading and writing on the subject have started pay dividends.This year I defeated my biggest obstacle; WORRY.


This is probably a popular emotion this time of year.This time of year we worry over bills, the cost of presents, time management and the happiness of our children and spouse on Christmas morning. We worry for our family members that are on the roads traveling.We worry about Christmas dinner and whether the turkey comes out of the oven ”just right”.

My biggest worry is always employment.Like most of you I have a job outside of online marketing.The month of December and January are slow months in my industry.I worked 3 days this month and may not work again until February.Fortunately I make enough money the other months to be able to take this hit but it never stops me from worrying.I generally spend the holidays in a funk due to worrying about work.I worry every year and every new-year the Lord blesses me with great opportunities.

Defeating Worry

So far this year I have taken my time away from work with a positive stride. I have turned the worry of not working into a blessing of free time to do things I normally cannot do.I put up the Christmas tree, wrapped a bunch of gifts and built a gingerbread house with my little girl. I am overhauling my daughter’s room; new paint, new carpet and a new bed. I have done some very late “spring cleaning”, and have been blessed with more time to spend on my website. I have been able to do much needed editing and also added several pages of quality content.

Positive Thinking

I have been reading about positive thinking for years but always struggled with the application of it in my life.It wasn’t until I started hiddengreatness.com that I reaped the benefits.Starting my website forced me to really study the concepts.Writing all of the content also helped me to understand the words I was reading.Learning to help others taught me how to help myself!

Without finding Wealthy affiliate I am not sure I would have every made this improvement. Wealthy Affiliate has given me the knowledge to create my site.They have shown me how use my site as a vehicle to help myself and others.

Thank you to all the members for your help and thank you Kyle and Carson for giving us Wealthy Affiliate!

Recent Comments


Only just found this post of yours when I looked at the next one - I didn't get notified of it - but it's a great post and reminded me to look at your website again. I remember looking at it once before and thinking what a lot of useful reminders it has. Will go look at it again when I've got a bit more time after Christmas.

So glad you spent the time usefully and are grateful for having had the time to do all the things you normally don't get around to.

Wishing you a very very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2014 - above all good health and a healthy new baby.

From physics this morning to philosophy this afternoon to psychology tonight............................( SHHHHH don't tell Kyle or Carson, but I havn't started the affilate university here yet....though i've back doored into all these other UNI's. Best part is, I only paid for the affiliate one....SHHHH........Here they come now.....promise u won't say nothin....prommmmise!!!)

>> Fantastic post Aaron....so glad I spotted this one...much to soak in here <<

Wow-this is really great!

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