Bold Decision

Last Update: December 05, 2019

Well, well, well. It is me again. Yes; Dorcas! I had taken a step that surprises me! I never convinced myself that I should take up the Black Friday offer. Because, last evening I had corrected the latest attacked on my best website.

I wanted to put a gold ring into my opponent’s nose and attached a live one-ten wire to it. But God helped me, I am not near enough to the culprit. Because I have an idea who. I said I would not renew my membership come twenty twenty.

But seeing the offer every time I login kept scraping on my conscience to ignore the issues and accept the offer. As God who delivers will fix it for me! And that will be in the best ways.

I had read through Kyle’s knowledgeable documented encouragement; and I know, indeed, as he said it so it is. I have been enduring all along, why should I give up now when success bells are ringing loud and clear in my ears of purpose!

Hurrah! Hurrah! I am no wimp! I am a woman of purpose, with strong determination, resilient and perseverance! Why should I stand back, and let my enemy laugh, and rejoice over me?

No!!! I am bigger, better, and stronger that the forces of iniquity that are working in my opponents. I promised! They will have to see me and shiver in the summer heat of my success. I am not guessing it. I am sure about it!

Yours truly says, 2020, look out for me all you my provocateurs, I am coming on stronger than any other time. If you can’t take the heat I’ll be coming with, get out of the kitchen!!!



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Cinderella7 Premium
Way to go Dorcas. You tell em
~ Marijana
DorcasW Premium
Thanks, much Marijana.
starfalex123 Premium
Hel no don't Let them get that opportunity. Let us knock our glass Together yyyes All aboard .Yes we in.All the best to you on your journey. Keep up the good work. May you have continue success with your dreams and goals. Fitzgerald
DorcasW Premium
Thanks, Fitz.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Way to go, Dorcas--Best decision ever--and a big money saver as time goes by!

DorcasW Premium
Thanks, Jeff.
mbouteiller Premium
Hey Dorcas,

Congratulations on taking the Black Friday offer. I've been taking that offer now for a few years and it saved me a lot of money.

I'm really happy to hear you are strong-spirited in your faith. Culprits are not worthy to be in your mind rent-free.

I wish you much success in 2020.
DorcasW Premium
Thanks, a million Monica.
CMKetay Premium
Good for you! Congratulations for not letting the turkeys get you down!! Looking for good things ahead for you. Christine
DorcasW Premium
Thanks much Christina