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Last Update: September 25, 2016

Is there anyone here that doesn't know The Teddy Bear? I enjoy calling my friend Honey Boy....Well guys today this is another shoot out and yeah, you guessed it, today it's about The Bear! I have NOT seen or heard anyone speak about what Chris is doing these days with his new foundation. Hey, if it's a topic I'm not suppose to talk about in this forum, well, it's my blog. I think if you don't know - you need to know what wonderful work The Teddy Bear is doing with his foundation non profit, non product offering help People Of the World with their problems, issues, life styles, religious restraints etc. The totally selfless, altruistic, heart warming, human actions of dedication to mankind is truly amazing and wonderful.

So, make yourself fell really wonderful, go to The Teddy Bears new site, help him help the World, imagine if 660,000 WA members bought the The Teddy Bear a Cup of Coffee....oh oh WOW! how much good he will be able to provide? you do the math!

I truly hope and pray for The Teddy Bear and that I haven't broken some rule by going here to shoot out this man bear and what he is doing....don't misunderstand me when I say I really don't care if I have done something wrong, my heart said, DON! ya gotta do this...GO BEAR GO!


The click button is NOT here....see the Bear's site for that clickie cup click....

Thanks 2 million


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drjec Premium
Great post. I will follow your suggestion.
Donnolan Premium
The birds and the bears are thankful, we love coffee drinkers...cookie clickers are nice peeps. Too.
ChrisScott Premium
Wow! buddy!!

Someone told me this was here or I would have already commented.

I do not get notifications of blogs, Don, due to the way my notifications are set.

I don't know if you are breaking any rules or not, but I am NOT GOING TO LIE and say that I am NOT sure as he** proud of you for sticking your neck out to do it. God Speed my friend.

Anyway, I'll sure add my .02 cents here, for as long as permitted. I am certain there will some low life scum that hates those who suffer who will report you. Probably that Dave guy. (ROFL.. maybe I should NOT have written that blog) Hey, that's okay. While I might disagree with others, I will fight to the bloody death for their right to say it.

C.O.F.F.E.E. stands for (Christ Offers Forgiveness For Everyone Everywhere)

The idea is that when someone buys a cup of C.O.F.F.E.E. a dollar or two. That money goes to the Spiritual Attack Relief Foundation & Ministries for combating issues, (actually not religious as much as taking care of physical needs), such as P.T.S.D., Clinical Depression , High Anxieties, Addictions, Disorders..etc.

The website, focuses on combating these issues not so much through medication per SE, although we do have a medical Doctor on staff, Dr. Barbara Atkins, (, also a WA Member.

Another WA Member, KristiV, ( is an active contributor of content.

There are a few other who are C.O.F.F.E.E. drinkers, (we don't serve cool-aid, lol), that are also members of WA, Dreamer56, ( Therese,(, Tomas Kelly, (, and a few others I do not know would want their names mentioned here so I won't.

Financials are available to COFFEE Drinkers upon request. I am a COFFEE drinker myself, I do NOT take a penny.

The Federal Tax Identification Number is pending,( can take a while for that stuff), and is a production of the Scott Enterprises LL C.

Any one who does want to donate. (I HAVE ASKED FOR NOTHING INCLUDING THIS BLOG), You will have the option to make it recurring. This is very much appreciated.
GiuliaB Premium
Hey Bear, very worthy cause and close to my heart. I shall definitely look into the site. Giulia w/a G :)
ChrisScott Premium
Thank you, Giulia w/a "G"
MPollock Premium
Love it and glad you posted it, Chris-the teddy bear is awesome, and so is the work from the bear.
Thanks, for sharing.
Ivine Premium
Hi Don, the bear is an inspiration to all of us. Irv.
JudeP Premium
Chris is an amazing guy :)