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Last Update: December 10, 2017

Hello out there in WA land. How many of you out there are ready for Christmas? I'm not there yet but I get a little closer every day. I'm writing this later in the evening because I spent most of the day doing Christmas stuff. I love Christmas, It brings family closer together. It brings the kid out in me. (In other words, I get to check out all the new toys I can play with after the grandkids open them.) I haven't had much time to work on my own site here lately, but I won't let that get me down. I'm one of those people who need large blocks of time in order to put the right words down. So lately I have just been doing a lot of research and outlining. When things settle down, I should have my next two or three posts ready to publish on my site.

In the mean time, whenever I get a few minutes available, I try to keep up with the community here at WA. I believe it is just as important to try to help others and help the new members stay motivated. Things are slowing down at work, so I get some extra time there. Out in my shop, I've nearly finished one wood project which will be a Christmas present, and I've got one more to complete before the big day.

After Christmas it will be back to business as usual. I hope to finish the training by February. I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be back when I can. See you at the top.


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LisaY Premium
Merry Christmas and Best of Luck for the New Year!
sb4269 Premium
Howdy Don, sounds like you have Christmas under control. Thanks for being there and thanks for being solid.
Bless You,
Sam and Deb
Mattiek Premium
I wish I was ready for Christmas! Hopefully by the end of this week. Fingers crossed.
It's so nice to have family all together. Hope yours is fantastic this year.
Keep up the good work.
MKearns Premium
Merry Christmas Donald!
DNicholas Premium
Thank you, Mike. Merry Christmas to you and yours too.