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Last Update: September 24, 2015

Soooo... I've been thinking about this lately.

There are plenty of WA members who are gamers, who are trying to build their online presence in the industry, or are at least interested in video and PC games. I know that, because I have several in my network here, because there are already a few people who periodically leaves comments on my site through "Site Comments" platform. But I think there are quite a bit more gamers here than it seems. It just feels like maybe some of them are not too eager to reveal themselves or their passion here.

Typing the words beginning with "gam" in the search field provided very little results - only 6-7 posts or so, and none of them look too active. I think it's time to change that!

What I suggest is for gamers within WA community to begin telling about themselves. And not just on their profile, but within a dedicated space. I failed to find anything like this here, so I decided to create this post.

My dear fellow gamers, I urge you to tell a tiny little bit about yourselves in the comments below!

Just a few words - what games do you like, a link to your Website and a couple of words about your niche (if they are related to games). From there, everyone will be able to view your profiles, follow you at WA and any other social network, if you have links to those.

Let us connect and grow our gaming network together! Let's help each other and share ideas, thoughts, success stories and even failures. Let's post on each other's sites, leave comments, share, +1, tweet and pin our posts and pages.


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Selaphyna Premium
I just stumbled across this as I was looking to see if there were other gamers among WA. I was pretty sure there was as, from what I can tell, WA is fairly large community. This makes me very happy to find other gamers out there. I'm mostly a PC gamer, have been for roughly 9-10 years now. I did start out on console with Nintendo as a young child, but really got back into it when my fiancé and I started dating. As of late, I haven't been able to play much as my toddler takes up a lot of my time.
Dmitriy Premium
Hi Jeana,

Thanks for reaching out!

It's always great to meet another gamer :)

I'm also mostly a PC gamer (like, 90% PC gamer), been playing for about 26 years. Started from early Nintendo handhelds :) And I also haven't been able to play much lately - a lot of things to do, 3 kids, studies and so on.

But anyway, I find the time occasionally - I play mostly Hearthstone nowadays and Dark Souls 1-2. And I enjoy good adventure and horror games (games by R. Michalski have been getting my attention quite a lot lately - do you know them, by any chance?).
JohnA78 Premium
Hi Dmitriy,

I guess my gaming career started in the early 1980's. My parents ran a restaurant and they had a coin operated Space Invaders arcade game there that I played from the time I could stand on a chair to reach the buttons.

At that time, Atari was just being introduced and NES was a few years away from sealing the deal on my gamer career.

I never really got into PC games, though I spent a bunch of time playing Oregon Trail on the Apple IIe at my elementary school.

For me, it's always been about console and Arcade games. I've owned almost a dozen different consoles including NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, PS1, PS2, PS3, Wii and WiiU.

I was like a kid in a candy store when I discovered that a lot of the arcade games I played growing up could be bought on the Wii/WiiU Nintendo store.

I thought the PS3 was a pretty amazing console and probably my favorite game for it is The Last of Us. I also really like playing the games in the Arkham Knight series. GTA5 online was a riot at first, then it got kind of boring so it was off to other games.

Right now, it's all about MIneCraft with my three kids. I'm blown away by what they can learn by watching YouTube videos and then build in their own worlds.

I'm trying to convince my wife that we just can't live without one of those absolutely amazing, build it yourself stand up arcade machines I see advertised. More to come on that :)
Dmitriy Premium
Wow, and I thought I've seen a lot in the history of video games, lol!

PS3 is a great console - I still play games on it from time to time, although I must admit I'm more of a PC gamer myself.

Dark Souls gamer as of late, actually :)

And I know - my wife also often just does not get it that having, for example, a gaming handheld is vital for the survival of our family!

And Minecraft - the recent months of my life are filled with my eldest watching tons of YT videos about it and then creating something of his own. The things I sometimes see there amaze me.
Everlight Premium
Hi Dmitry,

This post makes me really intrigued. I am always a gamer from my heart since childhood. My favorite genres are RPG games, and later mixed with casual puzzle or strategy.

I am still owning my Nintendo 3DS and plays some recent games with this console. I'm saving for buying a Playstation 4 in the next year though. There are a lot of nice RPG games come out at 2016.

Despite of loving game, I didn't build a website in gaming niche (for now). You can check my website in my profile page if you want :)
Dmitriy Premium
Hi Ferdinand!

RPG is also my favorite genre :) I can't wait for the Torment: Tides of Numenera in 2016 (for PC). Have you heard of it?

I actually plan to buy a new Nintendo 3DS - if only for Monster Hunter alone, lol.

Hey, I think I've definitely seen your worknoaholic site before - probably while offering comments. Looks good! The second one is also great - the idea of inspiring others is just awesome.

Anyways, thanks for leaving a comment here and all the best to you!
Everlight Premium
Thanks Dmitry:)

Haven't heard about that. Is it western RPG? My things are more on Japanese RPG :) I didn't play PC game that much , although I like to play eastern MMORPG quite a lot in the past (like the legendary Ragnarok Online)

That's good. Let's stay connected and keep inspired for gaming :)
Dmitriy Premium
Yeah, it's a Western RPG, or CRPG, if you like. JRPGs I also like, but not as much as CRPGs I must say. Anyway, the setting of Torment is really interesting, check it out here if you wish:

Unfortunately, I haven't played many MMORPGs, 'cause I really get immersed in them and tend to spend too much time there. Probably will do it in the future, when my kids grow up, lol. The only game I play online consistently is Hearthstone, also Dark Souls sometimes.

Hey, sure, let's stay in touch - send me a message anytime :)
Everlight Premium
Thanks Dmitry :) I'll be sure to check your website some times :) Ah I was intrgued by Hearthstone but never get a chance to play it. Is it complicated?

I like TCG genre too although not as much as RPG. Yu-Gi-oh was my favorite TCG before but there are too many rules now and it became really complicated.

Sure thanks :)
Dmitriy Premium
No problem, man :)

Hearthstone is great and fun! It's not too complicated, although I can't compare it to Yu-Gi-Oh, as I've never played it. If you decide to try it out you can add me as a friend - my battletag is Jimwtfh#2647. I'll be glad to play and share whatever knowledge and experience I have.
Everlight Premium
Thanks :) I'll be sure to add you when tyring it :)
BushiAntz Premium
Yeah, gamers should be more active :) For example I have been gaming for just over 10 years (Not as long as most xD) right now I am into FPS games like Call of Duty.

My first game ever (That I owned) is a game called Vampire Night and my favourite game of all time has to be Super Mario bros
Dmitriy Premium
Hey Anthony!

Oh, man, 10 years ago I thought 10 years of playing games was quite a long time. Time flows like crazy :)

Super Mario bros is an awesome game! I used to play it as a kid in my friend's house - unfortunately I didn't have a NES back then.

Hm, I've actually never heard about Vampire Night before, but I've never owned a PS2 or played a lot of arcade games - if that's the one you're talking about.

Personally, I'm not too much into FPS games - I don't really know why, perhaps it's because I'm not very good at them. OK, let's be honest, it IS because I'm not good at them. But I enjoy them occasionally, I just don't participate in any kind of online activity within this genre. The last time I've tried that was when "Nosgoth" came out - it's a multiplayer arena-type FPS/TPS where humans fight against vampires. There were times when I did good, but most of the time I really sucked. That alone wouldn't stop me enjoying the game and playing it more, the problem was a lot of people took their losses waaay too seriously and tried to blame other players. I just can't stand that kind of behavior in general, so I stopped playing it.

Now I play mostly Hearthstone and Dark Souls - they're the only ones I play online with other players. Other games I play are all single-player.
BushiAntz Premium
Yeah I mean the PS2 :) It was just a little game that my mum bought me when I was about 6 so just over 10 years ago.

Yeah, I started playing COD and got into the whole YouTube videos thing back in 2010 because I had a lot of fun. Never heard of Nosgoth before.

Yeah, I get mad at the game, but it's usually for a few minutes then I am cool lol xD Dark Souls looks awesome never played it, though. I need to play Until Dawn.
Dmitriy Premium
It's OK when you sometimes get mad at a game, don't get me wrong. I just don't get it when a team begins to lose and there's one player who starts to complain and don't stop until the match ends. I mean, I can understand when these things happen in some kind of official tournament, but when it's just people playing for fun it's kind of obvious there won't be any great teamwork.

Hm, I actually started a YouTube channel recently - going to do some let's plays and an occasional Hearthstone Arena run. One of the videos somehow managed to get more than 800 views, which I didn't expect at all. Do you still make the videos? Is your channel successful? Any tips for a beginner? :)

Ah, I heard about Until Dawn, really sounds like my kind of game, but I don't have a PS4 yet, unfortunately.

Dark Souls is one of my favorite games right now, and it's online features are quite unique. I actually wrote a review on it on my site - check it out if you want.