How to Write Winning Sales Copy in 3 Easy Steps


Dallas here with a great lesson I learned from one of the "master copywriters" of all times, Dr Gary Whipple.

This is so simple, you'll say; "I knew that" or - "I can do that!"


Just 3 Easy Steps to Writing Winning Sales Copy!

Once you see these easy steps, you will - or should - recognize the strategy in many great marketing ads you have seen.

As you look at these 3 steps, I want you to also keep in mind that "people love stories" so as you build your sales message be sure to include a story or stories.

The story will keep them into your message.

Dr Whipple once wrote a sales letter that was only four pages long. He was a master direct sales marketer.

At the time of his passing, he was building his own Website, so I know that if he were still alive he would most likely be one of the world's highest paid bloggers.

I know, I know - you think I'm just bragging about an old friend and mentor. Well, yes I am, but take a look at this ...

With a very simple 4-page letter he snagged over 1,200 sales with a small 2,500 test mailing!

Each order was for $150 to $300 dollars!

And a large percentage of these orders turned into repeat MONTHLY orders that made him a great deal of "residual" income.

In terms of online marketing, this would also apply if he had used an email marketing strategy that directed them to his Website or Blog.

The reason is he used this simple 3 step strategy in all of his sales copy.


It will make your job so much easier. Good sales copy is key to earning great commissions and affiliate income.

The good news is, if you follow these 3 easy steps, it will take your prospect by the hand and quickly get them to make a decision.

Let me explain. I had the great honor of having an amazing copywriter as a friend and business partner.

I did NOT take advantage of my friendship, but you can rest assured that every time I wrote a sales letter of any kind I would see if Dr Whipple could take a quick look at it.

I remember one time in particular. I was struggling with a sales letter that we wanted to get our prospects to order a training course I had created for the home-based business industry.

It wasn't very expensive, actually a "lost-leader" product that led to a live workshop.

Dr Whipple looked over what I thought was my "best work ever" sales letter and called me back to say that I did OK, but I did NOT follow the 3 easy steps formula.

He said, you failed to tell a story that would keep them interested enough to go to the final step!

He was right. I had already sent out a test mailing of 500 pieces. The results were dismal to say the least. So, I revised my sales letter, adding a story.

Then sent out 500 pieces to the same list.

To my absolute amazement I received an overwhelming amount of orders!


OK, I know you want the 3 easy steps, and I promise - I'll get to them, but first, let me tell you what happened to one of my ads I created for another company and WHY it may have been one of the most expensive "BOMBS" I ever had.

The headline was compelling.

The body of the full-page sales ad was really cool, (my opinion).

The story I told had them on the edge of their seat (also, my opinion).

This was a full page ad in an Airline Magazine, so yup it was expensive!

So - why did it fail so miserably?

Ready for this...?

I forgot to ask for the order!

There was NO order form and the Magazine went ahead and printed it anyway!

How lamb can you get, right?!

All right, now let's get to the 3 Easy Steps to Writing Winning Sales Copy ...

STEP NUMBER ONE: Tell them what you've got.

STEP NUMBER TWO: Tell them what it will do for them.

STEP NUMBER THREE: Tell them how to get it.

Now - if you go back to the beginning of this lesson, you will see that I have used the 3 easy step formula in this lesson ...

PLUS I have inserted some story telling at each step along the way so you could get the idea of how this works.

Now - wasn't this easy, and fun too right?

If you thought so, I'd love to get a comment from you... did I tell you about the ......

To your better future!

Dallas McCalister

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Thanks, Dallas, I have now written this simple guide onto a post it and attached to the bottom of my screen, as a constant reminder :)

Thanks Maddy - all the best to you!


I love the simplicity of this. Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome, glad to be able to contribute.


Compelling stuff and yes story telling is a Winner!

Thanks - it's fun to be in a business where so many people are on the same page.


Great Fun lol

Thanks for sharing


You're welcome.


I love your breakdown, and agree with your assessment. Thanks for simplifying copy writing for me.

How kind, thanks you - glad to be able to share something of value.


Do you go by Dallas or Gary?. It seems you have some copywriting experience! A great area to be in!

Dallas is my "pen name" just don't call me Alice.

LOL. I have taken/certified in the 6 figure copywriting course at American Writers and Artists Inc. Delray Beach, FL Features inputs from Michael Masterson and Gene Schwartz!

Cool - I'm a graduate of AWAI and Michael Masterson & company are great!

His name - Michael Masterson is also a "pen name".

Have you read his book, The Architecture of Persuasion? Good information... Dr Whipple was one of the best I've ever seen when it comes to sales letters though and he could simplify things for me so well.

All the best!


PS When selecting a Pen Name, I wanted to use Mark Twain, but someone named Clements had already taken it (LOL)!

Absolutely. I'll be at the annual bootcamp this October and at the Austin web intensive next month I've danced through the house as part of the qualification Dallas!

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