3 Reasons Why You Should Use The Site Comments Tool

Last Update: May 17, 2018

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WA's Site Comments Tool Rocks!

The list of online training courses, guru sites, YouTube video's showing you the way to success online etc., continues to grow exponentially.

It's getting crazy out there and once you've made up your mind to take the plunge and build your own online business or shoot for blogging stardom, it will be difficult "at best" for you to get the kind of help and support you need to make your website content as relevant as possible.

What does this mean, relevant content you might ask... and just what are the 3 reasons why I should use Site Comments from WA???

Here is what the Google online dictionary has to say about relevant:


  1. closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered."What small companies need is relevant advice"synonyms:pertinent, applicable, apposite, material, apropos, to the point, germane; More
    • appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstances; of contemporary interest."Critics may find themselves unable to stay relevant in a changing world"

So - if you take the time to create what you consider to be an excellent blog post, web page or article for your site, you want to make sure you consider this carefully.

Making it relevant is going to make you look better in the eyes and mind of your reader as well as help nail down the reason your reader should take action, or buy what you're selling.

Follow me on this now ...

This is one of the 3 reasons why you should use WA's Site Comments tool.

In advertising, sales and marketing experts always use this tactic to help their viewers and readers to take action.

They call it "3rd party endorsements" or "testimonials".

You see this all the time. Here are a couple examples.

Example #1: A brand new "widget" comes on TV in the form of a short commercial and although you may have never seen this item before, you want it, you gotta have it - because (after all) so many other people are using it, loving it and getting results with it.

Example # 2: You read an email message telling you all about a new book or a product or an item you've never seen before and again, after reading all the great endorsements (comments) from others who read the book, bought and used the product etc., you grab your credit card and hit the ORDER NOW button.

I know, I know, it doesn't always work this well, however - you should be getting the point.

Comments, "good comments" or 3rd party endorsements helps make your content relevant.

So - Reason #1 for using WA's Site Comments tool is it helps make your content more relevant!

The second reason for using this amazing tool should be obvious:

  • It helps your fellow WA members content to become more relevant

I really don't believe I need to say anymore about reason number two other than, hey - if you are not using Site Comments to help your fellow WA members, shame on you.

Part of my daily routine (except for Friday, which is my vacation day each week, more on this in a minute) is to go to Site Comments (You'll find this in your WA Dashboard inside the Websites tab on the left side of the page) and do what I do;

I visit at least two or three of my fellow WA member's websites and read the post or page they want you to comment on.

I also make sure I know who created the article by visiting the ABOUT tab in their site. You should get to know a little about this fellow member that you are helping out.

Kyle calls it Paying It Forward.

I enjoy - and learn a lot from what my fellow WA members are doing with their online niche's and websites, which brings me to reason number 3 for why you should use WA's Site Comments:

  • You learn so much from your fellow WA members sites

So, once again here are my 3 Reasons Why You Should Use The Site Comments Tool:

  1. It helps make your content more relevant!
  2. It helps your fellow WA members content to become more relevant
  3. You learn from your fellow WA members niche and websites


As a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate you have a great opportunity to learn from the best the online community has to offer as well as tap into some of the best business building tools available anywhere.

One of those tools, Site Comments is so valuable in my opinion that you could not put a price on it if it were a standalone industry tool.

So for the small monthly fee of just $49 that we are paying as Premium Members, WA has delivered another great tool in the growing arsenal of online business builder's tools that far exceeds that small fee.

Site Comments is worth a fortune to you and your online business.

If you use it every day - as I do and you take full advantage of allowing your fellow WA "partners" to help make your articles, pages and posts become more relevant you too will begin to sing the praises of what this amazing tool can do for your business!

One final note. I mentioned that I take Friday's off as a vacation day. I would like to ask you a huge favor. This could also be thought of as a huge bribe, but bare with me, you don not have to do it.

I have an eBook entitled 52 Vacations a Year. It is a story of why I take every Friday and devote it to my wife and family.

You will find it an easy read, a fun story and it could help some of you become a much happier, healthier spouse.

Lastly it will help you get to know me (your fellow WA partner) better and ... really important, it will help make my eBook more relevant, because I need all the comments I can get on this product.


All the best!

Dallas McCalister

eBook Author / Master Copywriter

Serial Entrepreneur and a Proud WA Premium Member

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Recent Comments


Site comment is a great tool!
Wonderdul comments and feedback are encouraging too...

Good info Dallas. Thanks!

You are welcome - all the best!

You risk eventual take-down if you dont march to the tune of site content.Gary. The tools here are introduced for a lot more than just cosmetics!

Really? That sounds oppressive...

good read.

Thanks - all the best!

What an excellent article on WA Site Comments. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Well, I have a slightly different experience with this tool.

I followed up my website statistics using Google Analytics, and for the time period that I shared my website for commenting, my bounce rate INCREASED significantly. I was not really pleased with this. I guess people just rushing to comment and leave. I don't know.

As soon as I stopped sharing my website for comments, my score dropped again.

When you receive organic comments, the experience is more enriching, genuine, and healthy for your website.

I was currently looking at ways to improve my SiteHealth because currently, I have a 0% in the comment's score. But with my current bounce rate of 8.9% only for my overall website, I'd rather keep this percentage, have a 0% comment score and continue to improve the quality of my content.

In summary, I prefer a low bounce rate, as compared to a 100% comment score (if the comments are coming from in-house). I did my testing with this tool, and it didn't really work out for me.

Perhaps this message should encourage those who are called upon to comment, to actually take the time and go through an article, and not just rush to leave because you want to comment on as many websites as possible within a short period of time.

Interesting points. It seems there are pluses and minuses to a lot of what we do with an online business.

Hi Dallas

Thank you for sharing this excellent article.
Best wishes.

You are welcome!

Thank you - glad it helped you.

You're welcome Dallas and thank you.

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