Social Isolation - Good for Me

Last Update: March 18, 2020

Good for me to remain isolate for two real good reasons.

First because like many of my fellow elders, I have a number of medical conditions that place me at high risk.

Second, I have more time to concentrate on my work here. Gone for a time are the run and chase distractions. Most of everything I need or sue is online. The exception is groceries - I live too far from a store for delivery.

Also good, there are 3 restaurants (but no groceries) within a mile of my home. Food is no problem.

My mamma always said: "In every dark cloud there is a silver lining." I didn't see it back then because she usually said it after I was beat up by the neighborhood bully. I miss my mom - and my dad, both so very long gone.

Stay well my friends and enjoy your silver linings.


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FKelso Premium Plus
Not bad to be isolated when you have lots to do and WA to fill up your time.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Stay safe and hopefully, reach out to someone who is willing to go and buy groceries for you. The alternative would be to find a courier service that was willing to deliver and a market that was willing to do your shopping for you.

If you must go out - stay as safe as possible, and yes, use the time you have now to work on WA.

DMahen1 Premium
Patbracy Premium
Thanks for sharing. Stay safe as we are all in search of a better tomorrow. Everyday of news becomes the dark cloud of yesterday or the silver lining for tomorrow. We are more than conquerers.
DMahen1 Premium
Thanks, Particia
WilsonP Premium
Hi Dave, Thanks for sharing. It's good that you are not too bothered about the self-isolation due to your health. I hope it's not too long though.
Stay safe and well.