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Great Journey at WA

Hi guys, it has been a great 5 months since I first started at Wealthy Affiliate and I wouldn't want it any other way. There has been up and down, but mostly super positive with lots of support and guidance from WA members.

Starting My Very Own Travel Blog

As you can see from the title of this blog post, I am embarking on a new website for myself which will concentrate on travel blogging.

Well, I am not exactly going to travel the world blogging, but I will be blogging about the places of interest in my own place here in Borneo. I have been travelling around my beloved Borneo, taking lots of stunning pictures, bringing sweet memories, and collecting travel tips along the way.

I feel like this is the time for me to start a travel blog and my lovely wife will be part of this, for we have been travelling together as well.

My Competition? - Not Need to Worry

Is there any travel blog on Borneo out there? The answer is yes, of course. As a matter of fact, quite a number of them actually. Does that worries me? Not really. Why you might ask. Because, it doesn't seem like any of the blogs have the proper internet marketing skills/techniques like the one that I have learned here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Most of the blogs are merely casual blogs treated like hobbies. At best, maybe just Google Adsense added in, that's it.

It doesn't take long for me to realize the opportunity that I can capitalize in front of me, which is to be a true authority on travel tips in Borneo!

How I Am Going To Money Blogging

Okay, I know what you guys are thinking, how on earth am I going to monetize my new travel blog. Well, I have already written about it on my IM website and I am not about to write back all over again here.

You can read on how do I plan to monetize my travel blog at this link

This an exciting time for me, I have too much idea and materials to write about because I am writing about my own"backyard" for goodness sake.

I know I will have a blast starting and writing on my new travel blog. I hope with time, I will able to eventually monetize the blog as well.

Introducing My New Travel Blog - Borneo Wanderers

Oh ya, before I forgot, my new website is

It is very new and it has no affiliate link yet. Feel free to comment on my websites either on my IM website or my travel blog. As always, I will return the favour for sure.

Until then, cheers guys!

Dominic aka Dlansing

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I think it's a great idea and I'm really happy to see you all fired up again. I am just heading to bed now, but I'll look over your links tomorrow.

I was actually quite concerned about you, you've not been too motivated for a while. It's like something has awoken inside you, which is great. I'll leave you some comments on your sites tomorrow, best wishes my friend :)

I'm looking something that can me excited everyday and make a lot sense too. So this travel blogging is certainly one of them, as I have so much of ideas to write about. I am really into internet marketing, but I realized that I need to get more knowledge and experience.

Google is your friend, there's plenty of sites all about internet marketing out there. But I think a break from it allowing you to focus on another site will be good experience for you :)

Thanks Jay, I certainly hope so.

What a wonderful idea! I look forward to following your journey! Left you a comment!
Christa :)

You did? OMG, thank you so much! Will replicate your kindness ;-)

Thank you! :)

Nice site Dominic and good luck on your venture.

Thank you very much ;-)

Sounds like a great blog. Good luck with it.

Thanks Larry! Really appreciate that.

I think you have a great start and I look forward to seeing how i develops

Thank you sir. I will definitely share my progress form time to time.

it's a great idea. I am thinking to start a traveling blog, too.

I had a quick look at your website.
If I were you I would make the background static and no repeat.
It is a bit distracting the way it is at the moment.
All the best.

Hi there!
Thanks a lot for the tips Moritz, never thought about that but you are certainly right. I have made the necessary changes to my background setting accordingly.

Yeah, if you have the passion for travel blog, by all means go for it. I think it is a lot of fun especially if you have the passion for it.

Anyway, depending on your approach, making money travel blogging can be challenging and competitive even.

I chose to concentrate travelling tips in Borneo, because I am local and it is very easy for me to get information directly, either phone calling, emails,local books, magazines, newspapers, and better still, visit the place directly.

I would say, if you can find a niche within your travel blogging blog, it makes it that much easier for you to be an authority.

Anyway, all the best if you are venturing into travel blogging and I hope maybe we can share tips, knowledge, or even colloborate in the future!


I was thinking to make an Australia blog.
I don't live there, but I traveled there a lot and I just love it there.
Not sure about monetization yet.
But that's something for the future anyways. I first want to improve my archery website which is only one month old.

Keep in touch!

Blogging about Australia? Crikey, that's great to hear mate!
Yeah, I guess it is best to concentrate on 1 website first. Anyway, do inform me when you eventually starting a travel blog too.

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