WA has given me hope

Last Update: July 31, 2014

The past few years have been so hard and discouraging for me. First, I lost my shop, where I built handcrafted stained glass lamps. I couldn't find anything affordable here and struggled constantly. Then my son ended up being a single parent and I had to babysit for peanuts for 2 years till the youngest went to school this year. I also suffered debilitating back pain and struggled with depression. I am so....so.... ready to do this, and have upgraded to premium! I want to change my life! (for the better, of course :-)

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bazboy247 Premium
What a story, I have a story too with my own straggle with alcoholism and abuse, but I am here, so well done for coming through you will not regret joining this community its fantastic

IveTriedThat Premium
Glad to have you here :)
apache1 Premium
Hi Doreen
Congrats firstly on going premium.
The determination you have shown will enable your to take a further step forward in the right direction.
I have a family member close to me who suffers from depression so I understand the anxiety, tears and other issues which I won't go into as I am sure you will understand.

You already have many skills I do remember mentioning that to take photos from your portfolio and once the website is up and running that you could also showing them on your site and even sell them.

That would give your full leverage and no commission is involved.
You will do well as you have the want and drive to succeed rather than a like to attitude. Go forward blessing to you

Take care be well and also congrats on your first blog as well nearly forgot to say it.

dkn Premium
Thanks for the support
apache1 Premium
You are welcome you can always Pm if you need to vent out we are help to help each other out where we can as well as to learn then again helping out is to learn.
Take care be well