Looking Back at my First Month

Last Update: July 08, 2019

Well where to start, this is my first blog post here on WA and looking back over the past few weeks I realize how far I’ve come in both knowledge and website building.

You see when I came to WA, I had a completely different vision of what I would be doing than what has actually happened. I came to WA with my experience being posting inventory up for sale in “parties” on Facebook, selling it and then sending out the inventory and the steps in between. As business slowed down, I thought about other products I could sell as well. So, when I came to WA that’s what I thought I would be doing. This perhaps added to my confusion on what WA was about. This “blog” thing was completely foreign to me and not one that I was excited about.

At that time, I just had major surgery and wasn’t all that enthused either – I was still recovering and sleeping a lot – hence my niche at the moment – post surgery supplies. It took everything I had to muster enough strength to upgrade to the premium version of WA but did it the last day of my trial just to ensure if I did want to go forward, I would get the discounted price.

Going forward a few weeks I started doing more of the training and it was then I realized this is a lot of work. I struggled with ideas but took one step at a time. There have been times when I was frustrated and unsure this was going to work and other times when I got excited. I noticed, over this past weekend, that none of my articles were indexed in Google and I began to worry – I mean some of the articles were two weeks old. And then yesterday out of the blue 3 of them were found yesterday – I was so excited.

After getting through Level 2 of the training I decided to go back to the beginning of the training modules and reread and rewatch the videos to be sure I didn’t miss anything. Well, I’m definitely glad I did. I had missed a few things – how I did I don’t know – but going back over the training I was able to correct and add some things to my website and articles. I also understood better what I was doing and understood what the training was leading to as well.

My plan for the next 3 months is to continue with the training and learning. The learning curve I’ve experienced is huge. My goal is to have a least one website up and completely running as it should. I would also like to come up with other niches that I’ll be better able to choose with the knowledge I have gained.

Looking into the future my goals include launching a few more websites and to begin to earn some income from my original site.

Thanks for reading and best wishes on your own journey here at WA.


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Palatia Premium Plus
Nice goals Debbie. You started a couple of days before me. :) I didn't know I'd end up here either when I was looking for a way to make money online but I'm so glad I did. Best to you on your journey! Paula
djw5 Premium
Thank you Paula. Excited to see where this new adventure leads you. Keep me posted.