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October 03, 2019
I’m so excited!!! I made my first affiliate sale. Woot Woot!!! My commission is $4.50. I’m not going to look at it as only $4.50 - though that would be easy to do. But instead, I’m ecstatic. Why? Because it shows me that it is possible to make an income. My site was actually found, and someone took the time to click a link and buy a review product. It came just at the right time when I was wondering if I was doing a lot of work for nothing. I’m sharing this with you bec
Well where to start, this is my first blog post here on WA and looking back over the past few weeks I realize how far I’ve come in both knowledge and website building.You see when I came to WA, I had a completely different vision of what I would be doing than what has actually happened. I came to WA with my experience being posting inventory up for sale in “parties” on Facebook, selling it and then sending out the inventory and the steps in between. As business slowed down, I