The Key is Organization

Last Update: Jun 23, 2013


It has been nearly two weeks and I have been working extremely hard on all of this. I have finally reached a point where I can say that my website is set up the way I want it to be and I have written posts for each major page so that my first visitors have something to read and understand what the site is all about.

This is what I have accomplished:

  • The site is up and running with blog posts, reviews of products and all the extras (about me, helpful links, contact form)
  • I created a Facebook page and a Twitter page for my business and have posted all of my articles from my site on those pages
  • I have finished creating my Google+ profile and shared my articles with it
  • I joined StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious and have added links to all of my articles from my website to them
  • I have joined 4 affiliate programs and have featured them on my site - I have reviewed two products on my site that are linked to my affiliate account with amazon
  • I have had two articles published on streetarticles and one article published on hubpages and have shared them on Facebook and Twitter
  • I have reached out to colleagues to find contributors who can write articles for the site and have secured two already
  • I have transferred and organized my current keyword research into a notebook for easy referencing
  • I have started an extensive list of possible articles for my site and streetarticles and hubpages
  • I am still working through the training - having completely finished Certification Courses Levels 1 and 2 and am currently about 65% through Level 3

Since all of this began, with the courses, the community and formulating my ideas about my site, my head has been reeling. I have been staying up long hours reading, learning, thinking, planning, writing, researching, contributing, answering, to get to the point where I can say the site is ready is a big deal. Now I can just concentrate on adding quality content on a regular basis (and doing the requisite research). That is indeed a good feeling.

The way the training is set up in these courses is truly excellent. The action steps at the end of each chapter are invaluable because they make you accountable. THAT IS THE KEY. You MUST complete the action steps in each chapter before you move on to the next. They are meant to keep you focused and organized and when you are creating this business, that is the most important thing.

The last chapter of Level 2 is particularly great because it gives a sample daily task list so that you can organize your week and make sure you are constantly growing your site. So using that model, my tasks for next week are:
  • Monday - write a new product review for one of my affiliate programs for my site, share it on my social pages and with the 3 social bookmarking sites
  • Tuesday - Write an article for HubPages, finish one or two more chapters of Level 3 Certification training
  • Wednesday - write a new product review for one of my affiliate programs for my site, share it on my social pages and with the 3 social bookmarking sites
  • Thursday - Write an article for streetarticles, do keyword research and come up with five new article ideas
  • Friday - Post an article on my site from one of my contributors, finish Level 3 Certification training, share any successfully published articles on my social networks
If anyone is interested, you can check out my site and perhaps you'll be inclined to read an article and leave me a comment! I was reading one of our WA colleagues' blog who made the same request (which I obliged). As we are all trying to achieve the same thing here - getting our sites as much traffic and recognition as possible - visiting each others sites and leaving comments is one way to help. I will do the same for you!

My site is

I wish you all the greatest luck in your ventures! Write on, my friends!

Recent Comments


Really like how Tosca customized your theme. One page, easy select your interest. Quick start attitude for someone who knows what they want.

Will oblige soon, already saw yours on our WA colleagues' site. Nice. Have a rotating list of who's who sites of WA members to comment. We are here to help one another be successful, so doing comments on sites is a good thing.

Organization and perseverance are key. Your work is exemplary.

You are a darling! Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your site. How's it coming?

My site is ongoing. Many of us who have dedicated our lives to one field find difficulty in letting our creations go until we they are perfect. After I saw Rebecca's and now yours, know I have more to do.
Am going through the training, applying, reworking and redoing, then adding after each new training or webinar comes up. I will add to my profile and launch with a landing page or write a blog. Thank you so much for your support.

Don't feel like it needs to be perfect before you let anyone see it. It will never be perfect. Just think about your audience - what they want to see, learn and interact with. Try to organize it in the most logical way without thinking about the money factor yet. Just put the information there in an easily navigate-able manner. And if you need any help or a second set of eyes, let me know. I'd be happy to look it over and give you some suggestions.

Just visited your website and it is easy to follow and very informative! All your time and effort will bring great rewards I'm sure. :)

Thank you so much!

Whew! I am exhausted just reading your escapades in IM. Going to go take a nap.

That is what is takes, though - perseverance.


You have been busy. The site looks great. Very informative. A job well done.

Thanks so much, Tom! Thanks for checking it out.

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