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Last Update: Mar 19, 2017


Is the day of writing long 1500 + word website posts on the way out?

With more people primarily using mobile devices, I don't think they will want to be scrolling and reading long content. We seem to want information fast -- and if we can't find it in a few seconds we move on. Unless, it is entertaining.

What are your views regarding writing long website posts?


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I prefer short content.
All good, bp

Thanks, Boytjie, for adding to the discussion :)

I do't like long posts. Nor do I like long videos or webinars. They waste time. My motto is, get to the point quickly and elaborate later. I favor an executive summary up front.

Good point, Peter. Something for me to think about :) Thanks!!

There are two schools of thought with long website posts. Long posts rank really well. But if you go this route, you need to make sure that there is a call to action early and make sure to use the h2 and h3 subheadings to make it scrollable.

As for mobile users, you need to capture their attention early to get them to view your content. Storytelling is a good way to capture their attention.

The post I did on the hero's journey is a good formula to capture people's attention

So, I tend toward longer content but if you are targeting mobile, short is better but a strong call to action is a must.

Excellent points, Craig. I hadn't thought of "call to action" early on in the post. Thanks for sharing your Hero's Journey :)

It would have to be amazing for me to entertain reading it. There is not enough time in a day to read many articles. Unfortunately, most long articles seem to be writing to the number of words rather than the quality on the content which can be detected by the first few sentences. It is a double edge sword. All I can say is, if you decide to do it... make it great, don't write to the number of words. Write only what you need to say. Write as long as there is something to say about the particular subject.

Good points, Julie. It all comes down to one's definition of quality -- number of words, keywords or actually having something to say.

If I talk from my perspective I do not read long website posts.But it is up to your audience, some like it. I know my audience don't

Excellent point, Sylvia. Yes, it's all about giving our audience what they want :)

Hmmm...interesting question, Sharon.

I'm a believer in combing the best of both "world": I embrace technology and love that I've learned so much while in this platform, yet I still write down my "things to do" lists; I hand-write all my posts first, and I still use a wall calendar.

To focus only on those short posts, would be to ignore those who like to read lengthier ones. I used to think all my posts had to be 1,000 + words or more, and most of them are, but I'm okay if a few are only 500 words. Also, my confidence in my writing style has strengthened, so I have no doubt that even if I were to write a 2,000-word post, it would be an engaging 2,000 words. I believe it's more about the content and less about the number.

Very well put, Veronica. I'm of the belief that a post requires the length necessary to get the point across. I have long posts and short posts -- I suppose there is no set number. And, perhaps, we can employ H2 and H3 headings to make our posts easier to direct our readers who may be in a hurry to get to the "meat" of our content . . . and hopefully will return when they have more time to read it thoroughly. Thank you for your wise input :)

That really was a thought-provoking question, Sharon. My first thought was, "Yes, posts should be shorter.", but that's necessarily the best approach. A toast to meatier content!

Yea peoples attention spans. Are getting shorter & shorter as the tech. Gets more advanced but i believe if you need it you will read it..

Thanks, Angel for adding to the discussion. Good point :)

I am with you. I am already at that point. I prefer multiple bit-size pieces. I don't think most at WA would agree with me, however.

Steve, thank you for adding to the discussion :) I believe there is something to be said for "multiple bit-size pieces" that brings clarity to a website post, a WA Blog and an informative discussion.

If you need it you`ll read it, but shorter more to the point is going to be the way of the future

Thank you for sharing your point of view. I tend to agree with you :)

I have read quiet a few long posts on my mobile. I think its all dependant on how engaging the content.
If its worth a read its doesnt matter the length I think.

Good point, Graham.

Well said, Graham. It's just like posts presented on this platform: some are short and easy, others may be wordier, but if the content is good, people will read. There are quite a number of people that write lengthy posts here, yet they always seem to get 40+ comments.

Thank's Veronica, great example. I read a lot of the lengthy posts on WA because they are usually really informative and worth the time. :)

Absolutely!!! There have been times when I've opened posts and saw that it was too lengthy for me at the time, but because of the topic, I just saved it to read later. I'm actually doing that now; if it's good enough, people will come back to read.

Yeah same here, sometimes you check on the go and if the title and the content catch my attention, I'll keep it for later while on lunch break to read. Never been one to miss out on some golden knowledge :)

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