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Last Update: June 28, 2019

Yes, the title is a bit on the mystical woo-woo side but it's truly amazing the power of DECLUTTERING.

I've been watching Marie Kondo on Netflix and I've been so mesmerised by the transformation of the families who took the big step to tackle their cluttered and messy homes.

Not only they let in strangers to come into their home and show their privacy TO THE WORLD but also they took the humongous task that is decluttering.

I can underrstand their frustrations and desperation while looking at that mountain of clothes Marie told them to put on the bed. I can feel their agony when having to decide what to get rid of, specially in the clothing and sentimental departments!

It's not easy yet it's so POWERFUL.

Home is like your life, and it has a lot of memories and energy associated to different items which some we clung unto so dearly. Some, despite of its precious memories, we decide to let go because no longer it serve us in the present nor the future.

Watching the series made me cry few times, specially the one with the widow. I cannot even fathom going through the same as her.

As I look up and see my husband sitting on his desk he looks back at me shocked to see me crying. He stood up and came to give me a hug while asking what was wrong.

Seeing others going through some situations like that canan trigger questions in you, in that instance it triggered a huge gratitude feeling towards my husband.

Often we forget to cherish the good and supporting people and things we've got around us.

Every time something triggers you, take it as an opportunity or reminder to be happy for what you have.

We all know GRATITUDE is so powerful, but it's also so taken for granted and people forget to be grateful more often than not.

So today I'm passing on to you, my friend, the reminder/opportunity to be grateful.

Look around and think what has made you smile recently, what has made your heart feel warm and full? Then give it a big thanks, with your heart and soul.

Take your time, take as much time as needed!

The energy of pure and honest gratitude you are sending out there is so powerful that it will come back tenfold.

Sometimes it takes time to get back but know it's ALWAYS working.

I've decluttered today and the house feels so fresh and the energy is vibrant like a summer breeze. I look around and I suddenly feel so hopeful and happy.

I would say "you have nothing to lose" but I would be lying!

Actually, you risk losing so much stagnant and negative energy, useless stuff and will GAIN extra space, invite unsolicited positive energy and maybe new opportunities into your home and life.

Are you willing to risk it?

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firstlearn Premium
If I were to declutter I would never find anything Diosa.

Diosy Premium
You must be one of those amazing rarities that "have an order in their own chaos"! Good for you if it works well for you :)
firstlearn Premium
That is what I say Diosy, but my partner says it is rubbish. Luckily she will never touch anything on my desk.

SaraPoyner Premium
I so desperately need to declutter! I should dedicate a day (or weekend) to get it done, I'm sure it makes the house feel amazing!
Diosy Premium
Hey Sara! It does! Honestly I have been like two months staring at the stuff on the table that was magically growing every day..

Not only the living room looks cleaner and tidier but I also found stuff I was looking for ages ago! So it's a win-win!

If now I could find me a cheque of few hundred quid I would be over the moon.. LOL

Just dedicate one day and do one room at a time, I advice the room you spend most of the time in (or the one that is most special to you!).