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Yes, the title is a bit on the mystical woo-woo side but it's truly amazing the power of DECLUTTERING.I've been watching Marie Kondo on Netflix and I've been so mesmerised by the transformation of the families who took the big step to tackle their cluttered and messy homes.Not only they let in strangers to come into their home and show their privacy TO THE WORLD but also they took the humongous task that is decluttering.I can underrstand their frustrations and desperation while looking at that
June 17, 2019
So here I am, three months after creating my new blog for my business as a mentor/coach in Mama-Bear PArenting..I've read so many articles and went to many seminars and checked out many freebies yet.. I don't know what I should do next. Time is flying and I would like to get a new client soon please! Now, I had an idea the other day.. "How about a Youtube channel! Yay?" *Eeeeekk! me scared..* I've designed the channel but there's no video yet on it. I think I'm kinda evading it or something. I'
Hello again everyone!So.. I've been for almost a year without posting on WA and I've just came back about two months ago with a new blog.I've started an empowerment and parenting coaching/mentorship business for mothers and in order to be able to share my expertise in a more free and reachable way I've created this blog: I must say it has been a very steep learning curve/road and I'm slowly but steadily getting there! I had moments I was tempted to give up but I am really
Well...I never thought I would end up writing something like this in such a short time but.. Since I started WA I've opened my mind to try something different. I never blogged seriously before (I started a blog and abandoned it after a month or so, that was like 7 years ago!), and as I went progressing through the course and building my blog, I started a new passion which is writting and building a website!I really love writting but what I love most is to think I can help people like this too..
March 24, 2018
Well, it's almost my four month mark. The website is looking better as time passes (and as long as I post often continually without too long breaks in between), and hopefully I'll make a sale soon.I'm no way giving up after all the hard work and hope I poured into this blog. Some friends already congratulated me for creating a very good looking blog, and it makes me happy and proud to hear that.I don't know where this journey will lead me but so far I'm enjoying it and I want to learn more and
February 20, 2018
Well, I'm still here and going slow but steady. Baby is already crawling and loving it which I benefit too as he gets tired earlier in the evening and I can do more things around. My site looks a bit more fuller yet there's some things that I'm not sure if they are looking ok or not, I feel like something is missing. So anyone who wants to have a look and tell me what you think could change for better here's my site I'm still shy with the twitter account but every day I do just
Hi guys!I’ve been checking on the internet for ideas and on my newsfeed I found some news that was quite shocking. It made me think what ifs.. Not that I’m worried and scared or put off from continuing my blogging and such. But I can’t stop of imagining case scenarios of, another people that are blogging about tech or internet and stumbled upon this article and wanted to “opinion” about it. Will Google axe them from doing so? Just wanted to share the news with you
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February 13, 2018
So I finally opened an account in Twitter today. I was so reluctant in participating in this platform, don't get me wrong it's a great and popular one, but I was feeling a bit scared of it for some reason. Well I couldn't skip the part if the lesson where it asks you to open an account with them so.. Anyway, it's done. if anyone wants to follow me over there it's @DielleBee.It'll take time for me to learn how it works and I think now I know why I was scared.. I think because anything you say th
Well... I've just created another facebook account for my blog.. Does anyone know the difference from a FB account to a FB page? I'm wondering if an account is needed to have a page or if a page con go independently. Also my head is on fire (hopefully I won't fry my brain this time) with a lot of brainstorming. I'm getting excited again after a long hiatus... I want to do so many things and I lack the extra hands and heads that would be helpful to optimise the little time I have
So I've taken a somehow forced break as I had to take care of my little one (he's starting to crawl) and take care of the house a bit more, my husband is helping out but baby is at that stage I believe they warned me a while ago called "separation anxiety". During those quiet times while breastfeeding I read my feed of new post of successful stories, I feel really happy for all of you who day by day are getting good results.. On the other side I feel worry creeps back as I wonder if I'm being l