Almost month 4

Last Update: March 24, 2018

Well, it's almost my four month mark. The website is looking better as time passes (and as long as I post often continually without too long breaks in between), and hopefully I'll make a sale soon.

I'm no way giving up after all the hard work and hope I poured into this blog. Some friends already congratulated me for creating a very good looking blog, and it makes me happy and proud to hear that.

I don't know where this journey will lead me but so far I'm enjoying it and I want to learn more and more, and I want to be here at WA for a long time.

I'm very lucky and I am grateful for all the help, advice and cheering I've received so far in this community. You guys rock!

I hope that in a few months or so, I'll be writing here again, this time a post about my success, and now my imagination takes over, makes me wonder where I will be? What type of life I'll be living? How my every day will look like? And how big my baby boy will be...

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JeannineC Premium
Hang in there! What is your vertical?
ValerieJoy Premium
You are doing wonderfully well Doisa.
You have a great imagination which will take you a long way in terms of creating content, both written and images. Not to forget creating videos.

Wishing you continued success :)
adreyna Premium
Congratulations on your progress! Wish you continued success.