Taking Affiliate Marketing Serious!

Last Update: April 12, 2019

In one of the training sessions in level three, Kyle does his first live session. One of the big take always that I had from this session is that you should be looking at Wealthy Affiliates as an actual business.

My Personal Take Away is to take affiliate marketing serious. After thinking about the amount of different incomes from people, businesses and corporations that are made what Kyle said makes a lot of sense.

When I started with WA, while making money was on my mind, I considered it as a hobby and after watching the Level 3 training and Kyle's first recording it really sunk in that taking this seriously and running my sites as a business is key.

As a result I registered my first business this week. The registration process in Australia is quite simple and registering the business is affordable with one and three year options, so I was quite pleased with that. The big value to me is that I can now truly look at the work that I do on the website for this business as a true business and I have increased my attitude towards my work output which should only lead to good things.

From here on in any work that I do on my website is completely business related and serious (although I do enjoy working on my sites most of the time) and I look forward to improving with time.

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CassPeter Premium
Your view is the best approach. Affiliate marketing has chanaged many people's lives, yes you right for recommending we all take affiliate marketing seriously. A proper set up like opening a business or a company could be the best way forwad. Congratulation on establishing a foundation for your future earning.
Dion3 Premium
Thanks for the comment. I hope to make a real go of this. Fingers crossed that I can discipline myself to get the hard work done.
adreyna Premium
Congratulations on registering your business. It does make a big difference when we become serious about affiliate marketing and start viewing it as a business. It causes others to begin to look at what we do differently. Thanks for sharing.