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The week before last I took a few days to plan a time schedule for my life and my side hustles because I was not getting enough done.I allocated time to four major parts of my life. Career, Nutrition, Relationships and Online Business. Just about every hour of every day was used and I went full steam ahead into the week. ResultI went exceedingly well on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and the start of Friday. At 5pm on Friday we had an office party and I had a few drinks. I wasn't wasted but I didn't get an
In one of the training sessions in level three, Kyle does his first live session. One of the big take always that I had from this session is that you should be looking at Wealthy Affiliates as an actual business. My Personal Take Away is to take affiliate marketing serious. After thinking about the amount of different incomes from people, businesses and corporations that are made what Kyle said makes a lot of sense.When I started with WA, while making money was on my mind, I considered it as a
I have been here at Wealthy Affilliates going on 4 months now and it has led me on to some great stuff.I have made over $100 online now, although not directly from WA it is part of the master plan and this money will hopefully go towards a new laptop.The best part about being here is that I keep on meeting a quality of people that I cannot think where else I would meet them. From movie stars to Toastmaster and family heroes to all sorts of great people.The second best part is that it is bringin