There is no such thing as luck

Last Update: August 12, 2016

When I respond to a comment from a new member I never wish them "good luck". I don't believe in luck.

Oh I suppose that if you win the lottery you can consider yourself lucky due to the odds of winning. But too many lottery winners have had their lives ruined by winning the lottery. I don't consider that being lucky.

No I believe in success. If you are successful you aren't fortunate or lucky. You have worked hard, persevered, and had dedication.

If I have a website that has a large number of conversions I don't consider myself lucky. I know how much work, and sweat equity I have put into creating that website to produce the conversions.

No, when I respond to a new member "I wish them much success" because that is what I want for them. Success breeds longevity. Success breeds confidence. Success breed satisfaction for a job well done.

So I wish you all much success.

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Chezbrown Premium
Thanks for this. xx
jvhouten Premium
Thanks for the succes wishes :), couldn't agree more. I've been told many times that I am lucky by achieving certain things, but if I had not put in the work nothing would have happened. I wish you much success!
Labman Premium
I see your point. But people also want to dream. Luck has that connotation.
DickH Premium
I understand where you are coming from. Napoleon Hill in his book "Think and Grown Rich" you need to dream about your idea. For example I will spend time thinking about my website and how to make it better.

Don't get me wrong. I do play the lottery when the jackpot gets above $100,000,000, but I only buy 2 tickets. I never expect to win. In my state I see people spend large sums of money buying lottery tickets and they are in my opinion wasting their money.

Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. If you want to think about becoming rich or some other dream that's OK to. Just remember to hard work on your Wealthy Affiliate Website.

Dick H