No Such Thing as Luck Revisited

Last Update: May 10, 2017

Last year I wrote a blog entitled There is No Such Thing as Luck. In that blog I said that good results come from hard work. This is certainly true with Wealthy Affiliate.

Today I have a slightly different take. Last October I became sicker than at any time in my life. It felt like a 1000 pound weight was on top of me and I had no appetite In fact the smell of food cooking made me nauseous.

I went to my doctor and he said I had a sinus infection and gave me some antibiotics. It didn't help. Again I went to my doctor and again he gave me a stronger antibiotic which didn't work. Mean while I wasn't able to work on my website because of how bad I felt.

This illness continued into November, and still no improvement. Mean while I had lost between 30 and 40 pounds. I fell several times and didn't have the strength to get up. On two occasions we had to call the fire department to get me up since I didn't have the strength to get myself up. The second time they asked my wife if they should take me to the hospital to which my wife said yes. I didn't argue.

I remember little of what happened in the emergency room but the hospital doctor told my wife that I was a very sick man. They admitted me to the hospital where I stayed for a week. On the last day a doctor came in and said I had Lymphoma. For those who don't know it is cancer of the lymph nodes. He was an oncologist and he said they didn't exactly know what type I had. He said one was an easy cure, the second they could obtain 12 years of remission, and the third there was no cure but there was a treatment.

I had a bone marrow biopsy which would tell him what type I had. A week later I had an appointment and the doctor started with, "death is off the table." I could have jumped for joy. Treatment involved six sessions of Chemotherapy every spaced three weeks apart.

I am now done with my Chemo, and I am in remission. Was I lucky? No! My wife and I feel that I have a purpose to serve on this planet, and I need to do it. At this point I am not sure what that purpose is, but I know one thing: it will involve work. It is not to be sitting by the pool sipping drinks with little umbrellas, but rather figuring out what I should be doing and doing it.

One of the things I am doing is getting back into Wealthy Affiliate. It has been seven month since I last regularly worked on it, and it seems like I have forgotten so much. It is like I am starting over.

In any event I wasn't lucky. I had a good doctor with a good staff that worked hard to get me well. Also I complied with their requirements which made their job easier. I am now in the followup stage to monitor my condition to see if any of those pesky cancer cells come back.

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DickH Premium
Thanks fo the kind words.
botipton Premium
Good for you and glad you are back. I have been through something similar to what you went through just a different kind. It also helped me to get busy and enjoy life.

I agree if we are still breathing there is a reason.