Has anyone else seen disturbing sites-wealthy affiliate?

Has anyone else seen disturbing sites-wealthy affiliate?

asked in
WA Affiliate Program

I seen disturbing sites about wealthy affiliate saying you don't any money at it anyone seen this stuff true or not

I have seen some of these but I agree with Micheyr. People expect instant gratification because a lot of scammy sites have promised they can give them that.
Also when someone fails for whatever reason they will cry foul and say it was the programs fault when in fact they probably have not put the work required in to make money.
I was recently told on Quorum that people at WA were writing reviews and calling other sites scams just to promote WA. This probably has an element of truth in it. This person blamed WA and claimed she had been a member and was told to do this. This has nothing to do with WA. It is the choice of the person writing the review and is not something we are told to do but it does reflect on WA when our members do it.

Most of these people want to make money without doing a lot for it. The core element of WA as I find it is, it's all up to you and how much you want to succeed. If you work hard, you can do anything, but it's not going to come overnight. Success takes time. I squandered 4 years and about $70,000 to get a degree in accounting, only to find out that, guess what, nobody wants to hire me. If I would have invested that time and the money into my own business, I would have been successful and would have something to show for it now. Lazy people badmouth. And people who would make a lot of money to get you to join their site do it even more. Have you seen Spectrum vs Direct TV adds lately? They constantly badmouth each other.

That's a very good point!
You can be successful in online marketing for much less money and faster.

But you have to treat it just as seriously as when getting a degree.

Too late Dianne... Too many of us have been through the training and proved beyond a shadow that it works!

Successful entities always get the badmouthing by the wannabees that cant cut it Dianne!

Bad-mouthing other people or things only reflects poorly on the person doing the talking. That's what I tell my girls, and that's what I believe.

I agree it was disturbing these sites were trying to sell themselves wealthy affiliate has true backup to all their claims think ill stay here.;)

I have not really only one sort of semi dating sexy site but that was approved so who am I to judge!!!


Ha ha Paul you funny ;)

Old school buddy!!!!


That's normal in this business.
Many of those articles are "bait and switch" reviews.
They will talk bad about WA and then promote another course, membership site, etc.
By the way, many WA members are doing the same.
It is a practice that I wouldn't recommend doing.
Always make sure that you are honest and do your research.
Don't talk bad about another company just to make WA look better.

You might have come across SiteSell aka Solo Build It! :D
They are fighting heavily against WA.

There are things that could be improved here at WA but I think it is a great learning platform to get started with affiliate marketing.
It doesn't end when you finish the initial training, though.
You still have to keep learning and improving your techniques.

If you make money is totally up to you!
You have to work for it.
The training here simply shows you the way...you have to walk it.

That exactly what they were doing wa is better and true thanks for your answer I'm not listening to those sites think I'll stay at wealthy affiliate.;)

You're welcome. :)

Well said..also...an honest review will show the reader whether the company is good or worth it rather than just down talking them. Even if the company is, in my opinion, not worth it, I feel like there is a professional way to go about the review. It looks poorly on the writer and the other program they are promoting.

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