Downgrading from Premium Plus

Last Update: April 28, 2021

So, if you are tempted to try out Premium Plus for a month, and then downgrade again to standard Premium membership, there is one thing you need to be aware of.

As a Premium Plus member, you can have up to 50 websites hosted here, but as a standard Premium member, it's only 10. What happens if you should happen to build more than 10, while a Premium Plus member and then downgrade?

Not knowing the answer, I asked Kyle in Live Chat, and have added a screenshot of his reply below. Probably an unlikely situation to occur, but you never know! Somebody might be over-enthusiastic and go on a web building spree, and then be surprised when they can't continue to host them here!

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TonyJS Premium
I didn’t realise that they reduced the amount of websites for premium. When I joined the premium membership a couple of years ago you could have 25 .com sites and 25 siterubix ones
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - yes, it was about a year ago, they reduced it to 10 for new members. And at the same time, free starters can now only build one site, not two.
1Rudy1 Premium
That was my first question to Kyle when the upgrade appeared..

If you were premium before the premium +, then you are grandfathered in. You have not lost anything.

To verify, go to website manager, select a website, click on details, and scroll to the bottom where you will see what your membership contains. (I don't know where else to check that, otherwise).

chevron1 Premium
Do existing members still get 25?
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - yes, assuming you don't have a break in paying your subscription.
fatimonera54 Premium
Great to know Diane. Thanks for sharing,

Only1Hugh Premium
Good note to file. Thanks Diane
mbouteiller Premium
Ok, thank you very much, Diane. Great question you ask Kyle and very important to know the answer.

Have a blessed day.
FKelso Premium
Good to know -- thanks.