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Any ideas as to what happened, google analytics?

Any ideas as to what happened, google analytics?

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Yesterday when looking over Google analytics I saw a strange thing. 43 unique visitors with less than 7 second page views. Location all from the McAllen TX area.

These v

I want to make sure I express that site support responded to my request almost immediately and did answer the question I requested.

Another reason I am glad to be here at WA, great site support.

Nothing I can do about quick page views. If someone is that worried, I am flattered. I will keep building my business one article and site improvement at a time.


rinse & repeat as they say ... your site must be getting very important to attract that kind of attention ... cheerio... :)

Let's hope the Google uproar isn't this dire!

Site support says the ips were from North America, France, and the UK. Other than 43 unique visitors all less than 14 seconds in the 4 AM hour, nothing suspicious.

move along, nothing to see here... ok

vpn -- spam bot ... :)

I guess I will contact site support to see if I can get IP logs. I surely would love to return the favor. I'm pretty good at automating tasks.

sounds like spam-bot attempts ... good idea to ck in with site support ... :)

Hi Doug
A member here at WA mentioned they had some strange action similar to what you are saying and I am not sure what the outcome was but seems kinda strange that's for sure
I hope someone else comments with the answer you need :)

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