Level 2 Training Completion

Last Update: May 21, 2018

Hey WA Community,

I am coming to a close on the completion of my Level 2 Training and just wanted to share some of my accomplishments. Since starting with the WA platform, I have been able to create my very own niche website on my own domain, develop a pro-level theme with customized menus, widgets, and categories, learn to create keyword-rich content, create several posts for rankings, as well as start a foundation for a successful business.

I just wanted to say thanks to the community that helped me along the journey with positive feedback and comments. The ambassadors have provided an amazing amount of support and encouragement. As I enter the heart of the climb, I have alot of inspiration just by being a part of a thriving community that supports one another.

I know that the journey will get tougher, but the rewards will be greater at the top. I look forward to the next part of the journey!

Yours truly,

Daniel Gonzales

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EddySalomon Premium
Keep it up Daniel
MikaelM Premium
This is great to hear Daniel - well done. Keep up the good work.

Just to make you aware - we are not allowed to share links to our own websites in WA posts to avoid people starting to spam so better to remove the link. You can read more about the rules here: But really great job and great to hear about your progress.

All the best,
DGArchitect Premium
Ok, thanks for the heads up!
MikaelM Premium
you are welcome - many are not aware in the beginning (myself included)