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Hey Guys,I just had a question about Site Comments 2.0 if I started today. Does the pay start over at the end of the month, as in the monthly 50 comment requirement needed to start earning?I thought I saw a blog earlier on the platform about this, but I can't seem to find it by searching. I was just wondering if the process would start over at the beginning of January as opposed to 30 days from the day that I start? I'm not sure if there is a clear answer to that in the instructions area. If an
Hello WA community,I'm just writing to share my progress so far at the five month point in my online business journey. I sort of thrust myself into this online marketing world because I got laid off from my full-time job as an architectural job captain. It's not quite the journey I had envisioned when I went to grad school to get my Masters. It's pretty much the second time I've been laid off since moving down to Houston. I made it a duty and obligation of mine to seek out a way to create passi
Hello WA peeps!I haven't been on WA for that long, but I've been getting a bunch of "New User Registration" spam sent by bots that are used to search the internet for domain email websites. I did a search regarding this topic, and didn't really get a definitive answer although I still need to go through all of the training. I currently use Mailer lite as an email service because of the functionality that I get for free. The problem is that I don't use the plugin version, only the code given to
Hey WA Community,I am coming to a close on the completion of my Level 2 Training and just wanted to share some of my accomplishments. Since starting with the WA platform, I have been able to create my very own niche website on my own domain, develop a pro-level theme with customized menus, widgets, and categories, learn to create keyword-rich content, create several posts for rankings, as well as start a foundation for a successful business. I just wanted to say thanks to the community that hel