Are You Giving Up Too Easily? [SERPs Case Study]

Last Update: June 02, 2020

Hi WA'rriors and WA'rriorettes.

Lately I am seeing a lot of encouraging posts by successful members that are involved in all kinds of niches including one of the most competitive and difficult ones - the Make Money Online niche who are all saying in some part of of their posts the following 3 words

Don't Give Up!

Sadly, some people do give up far too easily - for one reason or another be it seeing instant success and get rich quick scheme - stick to buying lottery tickets - (the ultimate get rich quick scheme!).

Too folk like me, seeing a slump in traffic, dropping keywords and rankings like confetti and being like that girl the image above!.

(yeah yeah I'm a big!).

The main point - the meat and bones of this article is this...

How Long Does It Take To Succeed?

As a question, this almost impossible to answer with exactitude for every single person as there are multiple factors at play including:

  1. How well you apply the training at wealthy Affiliate
  2. How hard you work at building your new online business.
  3. How serious you are about it.
  4. Your ability with Search Engine Optimisation Techniques and Keyword Research

And that brings me to one key question...

How Long Does It Take To Rank In Google?

(Talk about answering a question with a question - huh!)


It depends on a number of factors. Ahrefs conducted a study into 2 million+ random keywords and found the following. To begin with you can see how old the page (not site - page!) according to Search Engine Results Page.

Position 10 yay! 21 months 20 days on average. Moving up the chart you can see 25 months on average is what it will take to reach the top 5 and over 2.5 years for page 1.

Remember this was conducted over 2 million keywords!. Sure, it can done quicker when aiming for less competitive keywords - these figures are only an average and, an indication that you should not give up so easily!.

Note: The average age is taken not from publication date but the date in which the page was first discovered by Search Engine Bots.

Further analysis discovered that only 22% of all pages discovered on page 1 of google were created less than a year ago and the average page age to reach the Top 10 search results for the keywords analysed were over 2 years old and, as mentioned position 1 was occupied by pages that are much nearer the 3 years old mark.

It is obviously, to your best interest to hang in there and just keep going, keep creating evergreen content and allowing it to mature as when your content matures the odds are stacked in your favour of hitting page one and then climbing higher and higher in the rankings.

Of this 22% of some 440,000 of the 2 million analysied that reached page one by their first birthday 3% of them were low authority sites - most likely to be new sites, some 13,200 keywords of the original 2 Million analysed.

Digging deeper 60.6% of the low authority sites were able to reach page 1 in 2 to 6 months. This is not to say you have a 60.6% chance of reaching page 1 in 6 months as it only represents 3% of all keywords.

97% did not reach page 1 in this time frame with a low authority site - which, if you are new, or your site is new is likely to be on par with your situation.


These Keywords were exactly what is taught at Wealthy Affiliate - to seek out low volume - low competition keywords.

What can you take from this?

Keep targeting Low Volume, Low competition keywords, and give yoursel at least a year or two of consistent effort to really reap the benefits of your labour.

Ask yourself the question is a year or 2 of hard work to earn real freedom worth the effort or would you prefer to slave away for someelse in exchange for just one month real freedom every year?.

If your answer is no you either really love yor job (nothing wrong with that), or you are giving up too easily!.

Your Thoughts?

Have you had success with low competition, low volume keywords? Did you rank the article within the stated time frame?

How long did it take you to earn a full time income or to replace your job.

Comment below!.

Let's keep encouraging others!.


Don't Give Up!.

Derek M.

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eimba Premium
Thank you for sharing the inspirational post. We must not give up and continue to apply the training that we have learned and write more contents. We must invest for a long term and we will achieve our goals. "You cannot plant a seed today and expect to harvest quickly" it takes time to grow and bear fruit, it is the same thing in WA.

Stay safe.
GazBower Premium
Hi Derek, personally I have given myself 2 to 3 years to build something that will last and be able to sustain me when I retire, which is in 4 years if I go to the current UK retirement age.
I agree that people give up far too easily and strangely I have just added some comments to Roope's post on exactly this topic.

Best wishes
DerekMarshal Premium
That is great time frame. Work well and in retirement you will have a very nice money making hobby to keep you busy.
Linda103 Premium
I agree Derek, you have to be prepared to be in it for the long haul. Any business, on or offline takes time to build and make a profit. Offline it used to be about 2 years minimum to start seeing a profit, not sure if its the same now or not.
Online when I started a crafting business, it was reckoned to be about 4 years to start making a profit and with the little knowledge I began with, it was.
The thing was, I stuck with it, changing what I did, learning all the time until I did start making a profit, then I built on that until I earned enough. You don't get where you want to be by giving up.
DerekMarshal Premium
Hi Linda,

How long is relative to how targeted your site is I've done well in 5-6month in a very targeted niche, one that had tons of searches and such few competing sites I was able to be within the top 3 quickly.

But in tougher niches like MMO, well month 13 and I am not hitting the numbers I was 5-6 months in with a very targeted niche site. I'm seeing 3-5 years until I crack this one. 2 more to go - at least!.

"You don't get where you want to be by giving up." beautiful put!
LLettau1 Premium
A good encouragement piece.
DerekMarshal Premium
Thank you.
HalimNajm Premium
Thank you
DerekMarshal Premium
My pleasure