A very hectic week.

Last Update: February 20, 2016

Hey people, and good day to you all.

I haven't had a chance to do a great deal to my site this week unfortunately... we're moving house, with all that it entails. The thirty plus boxes that my wife and I dutifully packed and labelled, were to my mind anyway, reasonably heavy; we were both mindful not to pack them too full, not only for our benefit, but also for the benefit of the removal men.

Two strapping lads arrived promptly at 8am and without further ado carried said boxes three at a time down two flights of stairs without even breaking into a sweat, then, upon arrival at our new home in Folkestone, they were forced to carry a leather sofa - too big for the lift - up five flights of stairs, again without showing even the slightest signs of fatigue.

Because of the fact that I've always been 'a doer', it's at times like that I feel my age, 71 in October, and although in excellent health for my years, I still long for the days when I myself could have carried sofas up five flights of stairs with impunity.

Oh well, every dog has its day as the saying goes... no doubt in time, these two able bodied hard working young men that moved us today, will be telling their grandchildren stories about how fifty years ago, they carried heavy sofas up five flights of stairs without even breaking into a sweat.

It's a funny old world.... byee -)

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ChrisTowers Premium
Moving house is indeed a very big stress.. did it a couple of years back and I felt my age then .. and i was only 43 lol

Hope you get settled soon :)

Derek101 Premium
Cheers Chris... apart from divorce, I believe it to be one of the most stressful things we ever do. Our new flat is wonderful; sea views and lovely neighbours.

The previous owner was a chain smoker... the entire flat is covered with a thick layer of nicotine; the carpets were so filthy, I wouldn't let a dog sleep on them.

Thankfully my son in law has removed them, cut them into strips, bagged them up and is at this moment on his way to our local dump to dispose of them. My wife and I have started to wash all walls and woodwork with neat bleach.

We're having a house warming party in two weeks time... if you're in the Folkestone area, you're very welcome -)
ChrisTowers Premium
HAHA .. thanks for the invite buddy .. I live in Greece now .. but was living in Canterbury for a while some years ago..

But if i am in the area again in the future i will look you up :)