Not Every Day Is A Blog Day - What To Do When Lack of Inspiration Hits!

Last Update: May 20, 2019

First thing this morning I headed to my computer ready to roll out another blog for my site, only to find my mind felt exactly like the image above.

Dry And Lacking Ideas

I tried my normal trick of playing with phrases in Jaaxy to spark an idea, still nothing, nada, nix, zilch. I surfed the net, went onto my Google notifications, played with the alphabet soup, and only ended up hungry.

Three coffees later, some toast and a few chores under my belt, I came back to work, nope still a barren mind.

Time For Plan B

I decided to take the focus off of blogging by checking my emails, and spending some quality time in the community. I felt certain that by now I would be ready to create a blog, yes, yes, oh dear a definite NO.

Time to kick in with plan B. I have so little time available to work on my business that I find my self getting highly frustrated when my day does not go as planned. Today I decided to allow myself to settle for plan B.

I have a file of training I have been collecting and never seem to get the time to do. Guess what fellow WA members, I ended up having a great morning getting stuck into some of the amazing training available here at WA.

I have added a number of new skills to my list, changed some of my meta descriptions, added 'read more' tags to my posts, learned more about what I should be doing with my post once it is published, plus a few other gems.

Not Everyday Is A Blog Day

This is the first time I have totally hit a brick wall with my blog ideas, and I had to finally accept that not every day will be a blog day. That said, there is so much else that you can do to keep growing your business, no need to waste any time or get too stressed about things you cannot control.

Final Note

I decided to give it one more go earlier on this evening and managed to come up with a title and idea for my next blog. I have made a few notes, but I can feel I am not quite as into it as I would like to be, so I have left it at that, knowing that I will start my day tomorrow on a new note, with an idea in place.

I would love to know what you do to keep the blogs growing, and inspiration flowing when it dries up.

Have a great day or night, and I will catch you on the other side of the moon.


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Talk2Ray Premium
I don't remember who but someone else shared about getting out and walking to ease your mind; that helped them as ideas come when your mind is relaxed. I have been doing some of that, especially now that the weather is so nice.
DeniseAS Premium
Hi Ray, so did I, but now it gets dark early and is cold, so I have stopped my walking, which I miss. Thank you for your comment, have a great day, Denise.
FKelso Premium
My latest thing is playing with Canva. Learning to make rich pins. Canva is fun.

You are right -- sometimes you just have to find something else to do.
DeniseAS Premium
Hi Fran, Canva is great, I used to use Pic Monkey and they do the same thing, but I have moved over to Canva.
cramervod Premium
Lol, and yet you wrote this blog post... :-)
DeniseAS Premium
I know it was at the end of the evening and I had managed to get down a title and a few lines for my blog today, so sat and wrote this blog. Thanks for your comment, have a great day Denise.
alfredg1948 Premium
Great Blog Denise!
DeniseAS Premium
Thank you, have a great day Denise.
AlexEvans Premium
If we force it, nothing happens, the best thing to do is just accept it, the flow will return.
DeniseAS Premium
Thanks Alex, I am slowly learning that. Have a great day, Denise.