Mixed Emotions - I Am Saying Bye

Last Update: October 01, 2019

Hi all it is a long time since I have blogged.

I have decided to end my time with Wealthy Affiliate.

I have loved being here, but making a full time income off the internet and working from home is my top priority.

I have had an MLM business quietly running in the background, (I originally signed on to pay for my product and maybe get a small amount of business).

I have been chatting and posting more and more on social media about my MLM business as I am totally impressed with the health product and how it is impacting on my life.

With this my MLM business has boomed and I have found myself spending more time on it than my blogging.

Instead of stretching my limited hours over 2 businesses I have made the decision to focus on my MLM only.

I have nothing but praise for Wealthy Affiliate, the community and most of all Jay, Kyle and Carson.

So much of what I have learned here I am applying in my MLM business.

Happy Blogging and I wish all of you success beyond your wildest dreams.

Denise Stevens

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wendyk Premium
I wish you the best, Denise
DeniseAS Premium
Thank you and the same to you.
MiaL Premium
All the best to you Denise 😊
DeniseAS Premium
Thank you.
Mick-D Premium
The time for a Return on investment is the thing that stalls many on here Denise.
All the best
DeniseAS Premium
That is true but more than anything else I had to factor in the time blogging takes compared to my MLM business, and that was the deciding factor for me. Take care, Denise
Joes946 Premium
Wish you all the best.
DeniseAS Premium
Thank you so much Joe.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
Best wishes!
DeniseAS Premium
Thank you, and to you, Denise.