Manners Are Important - What Do Yours Say About You?

Last Update: May 27, 2019

What are manners? My dictionary describes them as:-

a person's outward bearing; way of speaking to and treating others:

More and more it seems to me that we are living in a world that does not place high value on the use of manners, and this is so sad.

Are Manners Old Fashioned?

Every day when I drop my 6 year old son at school, I remind him to look at his teacher, and greet him by name. This is just one of the polite habits I am trying to instill in him. His teacher remarked to me the other day that my son is incredibly polite, and that he stood out in his class due to this. I was one proud Mamma, but it also got me thinking are we, as a society, losing our manners?

What Do Manners Say About You?

I think most of us have heard the quote "Manners maketh the man."

What do your manners say about you? You can look at life and manners as if you are playing a game. Do you use manners to show your strengths, do you exhibit good sportsmanship, are you a bad loser? Whether you realize it or not, people are watching how you play the game and if you have grasped the rules. Doors that you may not be even aware about can open and close for you depending on your use of manners.

Manners and Wealthy Affiliate

I have been active in a number of groups where I have been appalled at the lack of common courtesy between members. The Internet for some reason gives people a feeling that they can drop their manners.

Wealthy Affiliate has, in my opinion, a polite and friendly community.

This is a reminder that manners should always be considered when interacting in this community.

If someone comments on your blog, thank them or leave a comment in response.

Live Chat Guidelines

Treat the live chat as if you are having a conversation in a real room with these people standing next to you. Members in the live chat are taking their time to interact with you, to answer your questions, to find valuable information for you. I have seen some members even kindly take it further and offer to view websites to help people who are struggling, this all takes time and effort.

If you are in the live chat you may want to take on board a few of these suggestions.

1. Say thank you when you have been helped, or even when a person has made the effort to respond to you.

2. Say goodbye when you are leaving the chat, especially if you have just asked a question and you know you will not be waiting around for the answer.

3. If you want to join in a conversation between other members do so politely, try joining in by saying something like, do you mind if I jump in here, or interrupt you, or join this conversation.

4. Try to word your questions in as clear a fashion as possible. Give details on what you are actually asking help for.

Thank You That Is All

So ask yourself, do I have good manners?

Manners will take you a long way, thank you for reading, and your thoughts on this topic are appreciated.

Have a great Wealthy Affiliate Day


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AwhituGirl Premium
Some good points raised here Denise. I myself think manners are a reflection of where you are at mentally. If you are in a bad headspace or have negativity in your life you are less likely to use manners. On the other hand when life is great and you are being productive manners come easily. I disagree kids don’t have manners these days though. Both of my kids and their friends are very respectful
DeniseAS Premium
Thank you, I am pleased to hear you disagree on the kids having manners, it is good to hear.
Have a great day
Vickic3 Premium
Impeccable :)
DeniseAS Premium
Thank you, have a great day, Denise.
DarrenNicola Premium
It costs us nothing to be respectful and polite to others.
Thanks for sharing
DeniseAS Premium
You are so right Darren, thanks for your comment, have a great day,
FKelso Premium
That was a nice reminder for all of us. Thanks!
DeniseAS Premium
Hi Fran, I am sure you do not need a reminder, have a great day, Denise.
Tmgreen Premium Plus
Thanks Denise. I can't agree with you more. We should all strive to keep our community here polite and friendly.


DeniseAS Premium
Hi Michael, thank you, I couldn't agree more with you.
Have a great day,