Last Update: June 08, 2015

It has been three weeks since I joined WA, two of those weeks as a premium member. The speedy response and help offered by the WA community is awesome. Thank you.

What have I achieved so far?

As a total newbie, I started a siterubix website, created pages and blogs.

I have bought my own domain and transferred my siterubix website to that domain.

There is still a huge amount I need to learn, like pointing from a specific page to relevant information elsewhere, how to organise my home page, how to promote products, etc and to learn how to do effective research.

Given my circumstances, I am not unhappy about my progress so far. I love the training modules and enjoy completing the tasks given.

Today I leave my elderly client to go home for a while. It's a three hour drive which I love because I take the country roads where I find the surroundings very soothing plus I have a little time all to myself!

I am looking forward to getting home because I have quite a lot of info there and will be able to work on my website and create my next post.

Cheers for now


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Lazyblogger Premium
Denise, you are on the right path. Being happy where you are is key for growth. Continue enjoying the journey and the rest would follow. PEACE!

Robert-A Premium
Hello Denise. You're doing ok and at a speed that suits you so carry on as you've been doing and it will all come together and make sense. Remember if you get stuck just ask me about anything and I will point you in the right direction.

Hope you had a nice drive home.
Denise68 Premium
Thanks Robert!
BelieveItYes Premium
Congratulations on your progress, keep up the good work!
Keep in touch
Denise68 Premium
Thanks Sarah. Will do!