A New Milestone Reached! My FIRST Ever Payment From Wealthy Affiliate!

Last Update: December 01, 2018

Today I received my first ever payment from Wealthy Affiliate. It's such a great and exhilirating feeling to know that it is possible to earn money especially now with a new way to do so other than just your website solely (though it's for the benefit of your website!).

I've used the SiteComments platform more in the last 2 months than I probably have in the last 2 years and it is amazing how much it is used now especially with the fact that you can earn revenue from it. Now I didn't earn a ton of money from it, but I will gladly take $34 and put into my bank account and use part of it for my monthly subscription of Jaaxy (I'm yearly here at WA).

I've had some ups and downs since using the revamped SiteComments platform, but overall I am loving it. I still have a 99% approval rating even after having 2 of my comments disapproved. One of them was totally understandable and definitely was my fault, but the second one I'm not so sure, but I won't delve into it further as what's done is done and I'm going to continue to push forward.

I have yet though to get any commissions from Wealthy Affiliate through referrals, but I've now gotten back on track on my second website and started adding new content again after nearly a year of it being dormant. I've recently posted my first review of a product other than WA and now I'm ready to push forward past the part of the Affiliate Bootcamp that I let myself get stuck at because I didn't believe I could do the task at hand in the lesson I was on. I know I can do this and want to make a regular monthly income here at Wealthy Affiliate and will continue to push ahead with my second website and promotion of WA and continue using the SiteComments platform to earn some revenue from that all the while ultimately helping people get comments with engagements on their sites. Anyone can do this!

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lesabre Premium
That is great to hear. Congratulations
Cass51 Premium
Good on you Brian for pushing through and moving forward.:)
phakacha8 Premium
Very good hearing this.
All the best
Vickic3 Premium
Well done Brian- Keep growing and building and all sorts of great things will happen
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing.