QOTD - OH OH...HTML Stuff Stumps Me!

Last Update: October 05, 2012
Hi there!

I could really use some help =)

Can anyone give me any ideas how to create a webpage which includes a "Download Form" which someone can fill out and then "Upload A Picture" of themselves and send it back?

Is there an easy 3rd party html embedding code I can use?


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@RICH. Premium
Hey Dee. I can think of several different ways of doing this, dependent on exactly what you're trying to achieve. If you PM me details, I'll give you my best thoughts and options. In regard to plug-ins, beware, a lot of them are trojan horses that allow plagues of viruses and hacks to breach the gates of your Wordpress Troy. :P
Deezdz Premium
Hey Rich =)
Just pm'd you...thank you.
jmkoontz Premium
I know there are some web forms that can be submitted from the web page (instead of downloading.) I also know that there are ways to create an image upload (or at least a file upload) as one of the form field entries. I'm fairly certain there's a WordPress Plugin out there that will let you create a form that includes a file upload. Try searching using the terms "webform" and "file upload"
Deezdz Premium
Hey Michael...thanks for the help. I should have clarified this is for a client who has a WIX site and not a WordPress. If it was WordPress I wouldn't really worry because I'm sure the plugin below or another similar plugin would solve the problem, but not quite sure where to find a 3rd party html embedding code elsewhere? (off topic - when I first saw your small thumbnail pic you reminded me of Ashton Kutcher =)
CQuel Premium
Dee, have you looked in Wordpress Plugins? There are a lot of plugins for forms. I have not used any of them but you may want to browse through there. Just do a Google search for Wordpress Plugins and then search for forms.
Deezdz Premium
Hi Cathy and thanks for the response. I should have made myself more clear in my post. It is not for a WordPress site but for a client who is set up on WIX. Wix enables downloadable forms in PDF or Word Doc but told me I would require a 3rd part for uploading a picture...I'm stumped because I've never done this before.