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My name is Cathy Quel and I am a grandmother of 7. My life is very busy as I am now a caregiver for my Mom & Dad. I work full time so my time for my business is very limited.

I love WA because I know I can get the answers that I need quickly from people whom I can trust. I am looking forward to working with everyone here. I have learned so much already.
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ronamo Premium
Hi Cathy, welcome to the wonderful world of WA. We are all glad to have you here and are willing to help you in any way we can. With that said, I want to thank you for the follow.
CQuel Premium
Hi! You are very welcome! I am so glad I joined! I hope I can also be of some help too!
CQuel Premium
Thanks, David. I am happy to be here.
ddglover Premium
Thank You for the follow, keep striving towards your dream the sky is the limit; WAU is a great place to be. I’m new here so like meet new people. Talk to you soon.

David Glover
Ulli2 Premium
Hi Cathy, thanks for following me and well done on all your success so far here at WA. Adrian :))
Carson Premium Plus
Hey Cathy, I have a question that I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering? Kyle and I frequently ask for feedback from new members about their first 10 days. If you have a few minutes would you mind letting me know how you enjoyed your first 10 days? Was there anything in particular that you found challenging? Anything you just Loved?

Feedback like this can really help us to improve the experience at WA...we're always working to improve things.


CQuel Premium
Carson, I loved the first 10 days of training because there was so much information. I was able to go through WA and get comfortable with training and the forum. I have been scammed so much in the past with programs that I signed up for because they sounded good but never delivered. WA is different. I was able to see everything that was available during the 10 days. I even had people follow me before I joined. I haven't built my first site in WA yet so that might be challenging. I am looking forward to using WordPress Express. I have never used that before. What I just loved was the training that I received in just 10 days! I was a member of a few other forums and what I found was that I would ask a question and it would take forever to get someone to answer me or I didn't get the answer at all. I am looking forward to getting involved in WA. I do have a lot to learn but I hope I can also help other people.