What did Santa get for you?

Last Update: December 25, 2017

Hi WA family,

Hope you all are having a fabulous Christmas celebration with family and friends. You must have opened your presents under the Christmas Tree and checked your Christmas Stockings and more importantly got what you had wished for!

It would be interesting to know what did Santa get for you and did it meet your expectation or not...

Do share with all in the community how did you celebrate your Christmas, what you wished for and did you get your wish fulfilled?



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Norle1023 Premium
Santa reminded me that as soon as now, I have to work harder on my goals so next year will he can fullfil my family's wishes by Christmas! Hoping your dreams an goals are achieved!
Merry Chrisymas!
DeepikaJ Premium
That is wonderful! So you have confirmed a booking for Santa's visit to your place next Christmas!! Cool. and All the Very Best!!
DEversley Premium
Santa didn't get me anything... :) However, my wife did get me a nice leather wallet, with matching belt and some other goodies.

DeepikaJ Premium
Well, Santa does not have to always be an old man with white long beard ;)

Cheers to you and your wife!!
MKearns Premium
All the wonderful people and their thoughts and actions in my life Deepika!
DeepikaJ Premium