Just Another Ordinary Day, But Wait!

Last Update: December 02, 2017

The euphoria of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday has subsided, it is visible from the reduced number of blogs on the WA platform. My last minute efforts to at least get a few referrals have just evinced a bit of interest from a couple of friends but has not gone beyond as they themselves got busy in selling their wares and making a killing. Even the excitement which I could feel while window shopping - online and offline - has now returned to normal.

The days begin with a prayer to the Almighty and hope in the heart followed by intense activity of blogs, research, tutorials, questions, answers, comments, feedback on the WA platform and end with a word of thanks and with the same hope in the heart.

Today was no different, until....

Until I got to my mailbox and opened a mail which read 'Congratulations'!! Excitement joined hope in my heart and I clicked open the mail....

"Congratulations! you have generated your first commission"

I have not read what it says beyond or how much have I made. All that counts is that my prayers have reached the right ears and my hope has been rekindled before it turned into disappointment.

This day IS different from other days and will definitely end with a much BIGGER thanks and hope will now be accompanied by belief!

Thank you WA, Kyle, Carson, Jay, and all the lovely members of my WA family who have stood and supported me with their advice, answers and encouraging words to making my first earning!

Love you all & God Bless!

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JeannineC Premium
It's a very special day when this happens, one you will always remember, even years from now after earning commissions is a common as breathing. You never forget your first sale.
DEversley Premium
Memorylaneuk Premium
Congratulations. You must be very excited and pleased.
With Grace and Gratitude
MKearns Premium
Creativity and gratitude make any day special!
NCH Premium
Thanks for posting this!!