Affiliate Analogy - X is for X Factor

Last Update: February 22, 2018

Affiliate Analogy Continues….

X is for X Factor

X Factor is an idiom that became popular in the last few decades. Its most common reference is to celebrities. I’m aging myself with these examples, but these actors possess that X Factor.

Audrey Hepburn...there is something about that face!

Paul Newman...he showed so much depth to the roles he played.

Of course, everyday people and even businesses can have an X Factor.

She has that inner joy that pulls us in to what she is doing

No explanation needed! Like it or not...they got us!

Exactly what is this quality? It’s actually difficult to explain…it’s the unknown …something you cannot quite put your finger on.


The X Factor goes beyond visual characteristics. Good looks (the shining object) get the attention, but it is the X Factor (Wealthy Affiliate) that keeps people engaged. (Fortunately, for us, WA has both!) X Factor is a magnetism that draws people in. Personality, charisma, self-confidence, charm, intellect, intensity, focus, uniqueness, humor….all these things contribute to the X Factor.

People or businesses with the X Factor are beautiful on the inside as well. They are able to involve us emotionally. They make us feel good …they inspire. They influence our behavior. They have an extraordinary ability to put their skills and talent to the best use possible. They impact the outcome of any situation.

Wealthy Affiliate definitely has that X Factor. Don't your agree? Once you become that premium member, it just draws you in and keeps your attention. Yes, it has great training, terrific tools, and technical support….but there is something about this company that I just cannot describe….can’t quite put my finger on. It inspires beyond all that it provides. The inspiration comes from the “university” but also from all the people involved. I expect to succeed in Affiliate Marketing because, for no other reason, Wealthy Affiliate expects me to succeed.

I feel good whenever I interact with Wealthy Affiliate...about myself and about my future. Stay involved with Wealthy Affiliate and you'll feel good too!

We Can Do This Together!

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JulietAA Premium
Thanks Debbie,
Wealthy Affiliate not only has the X factor, it IS the X factor!
DebbieRose Premium makes a difference in so many lives. Thanks for commenting.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Debbie.
DebbieRose Premium
And thank you for reading and commenting.
JerryMcCoy Premium
I tried to leave and nothing else came close. X Factor maybe. Great Program Definitely.
DebbieRose Premium
I know I'm not going anywhere. Appreciate your time and comment!
AlexEvans Premium
Thank you for sharing your thoughts Debbie, some of the folks that I follow have that X factor you speak of, they didn't at the start, but have evolved into it.
WA has a system that can create that X factor.
DebbieRose Premium gives us the confidence. Your comments add another level to the discourse. Thanks so much.
Edi67 Premium
great post, Debbie there is X-factor playing over and over here in WA and that is what makes it interesting simply because you don't know what tomorrow will tell but just a promise. Much blessings. Edi
DebbieRose Premium
We fortunate to be here. Thanks for reading and commenting.