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Last Update: January 01, 2021

Well, the holidays are over and it's time to regroup. I normally spend the time between Christmas and New Years to clean, rid the house of clutter and get organized. It helps me reset and prepare for a new beginning.

I spent the holiday in Upstate NY with my family. I don't get to see them often so it was really nice (albeit tiring). There is a reason you have your children when you're young. I suppose I could be one of those subdued grandmothers but where's the fun in that. I want to play games and wrestle!

I normally stay in NY one more day after my kids leave so that I can get my MIL's house back in order (wash linens, vaccuum, etc). I didn't escape before the snow this time. 🤔 This is the deck I painted this summer. My car wasn't too happy either. Fortunately, I befriended one of her neighbors this summer. Why are all the good guys married???? OK, I digress -- so - by the time I got up, the driveway, sidewalk and porch were clear. He had done them.

I will admit that the snow does look pretty in the woods (image in header) and close up on the bushes. It looks like cotton. However, I cleaned off the car, packed and high tailed it out and back to VA.

As nice as it is to be with my kids, I don't DO snow anymore AND it's good to be back to life as I know it. I missed the online interaction and my mind was racing with thoughts of things I want to do.

Napoleon Hill said: "Don't wait - the time will never be just right"

He's right but if ever there WAS a good time, it is NOW. The beginning of a New Year (even if it's your second day in) is as good as it's going to get to a "just right"

YOU are the creator of your story ---- make it a good one!!!

Happy New Year to you all! May you have Health, Happiness and Prosperity!!!!



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DCarpenter1 Premium
Wonderful post Debbi,

A great time with the family & you are returning to WA & your permanent home.

It is great to see the grandchildren & have fun interacting with them. It is also nice to say goodbye until next time when they grow & you can enjoy their company.

Great image of the snow covering the trees. Not sure about the car being lost. I have not experienced a Christmas with snow, I must try it sometime.

Have a Great 2021

Debbi26 Premium
Christmas Eve and Day are the ONLY times I like snow.

Yes, the grandchildren are fun but they sure do wear you out. I do wish we lived closer to each other. I could visit for an hr or 2 then come home to my peaceful house. LOL.

You have a great 2021 as well!

NicholaJames Premium
Hi Debra,

Indeed, the snow is always spectacular to look at in the woods but not much so on the roads, sidewalks and vehicles. It is nice to look at but not to walk on.

I am sure you had a wonderful time with your children but now it's back to your regular life. Wishing you the very best!

Happy New Year!

Kind regards,
Debbi26 Premium
Thank you so much, Nichola. Yes, you are exactly right about the snow!

I really do love my regular life. There's something to be said for routine.

NicholaJames Premium
You are welcome. Yes, we are creature of habits more than we think we are. 😃
Jude81 Premium
Excellent post-Debbi, I enjoyed reading it and what beautiful images of the snow. Just mesmerising but I know out of the experience the inconvenience of snow as well😅.

Living in the tropics for the past ten years I have no more white Christmas than palm trees and sandy beaches lol.
Wishing you a happy and healthy new year and sharing the feeling and excitement with you to get back into it.

I just started a new site, and I feel very excited to transfer my inspiration and ideas into words to share with a new audience.
Let's do it.

Have a fantastic start for the new year.
Debbi26 Premium
Thank you for stopping and the same back at you!
apache1 Premium Plus
Guess who?? Lol

So you met the new neighbor? Wonder how long it takes before you need some more boot, I mean after all that snow you had they might get too soaked and ruined.

Glad you had a wonderful time with your kids and an even better time once they left LOL

But I know you care and that is you and don't change that (maybe the boots) but otherwise just be you because that is the Sis I want you to be just you.

The great thing is you are back home and enjoyed a wonderful and quiet NYE with your book, cozy bed, and of course some awesome communication with your loving bro and other members here.

Take care, enjoy your weekend and I know we will chat soon about the unusual normal things.

It may be 2021 and a cleanout for the new year is great but some things won't change so don't expect that

Take care Sis

Debbi26 Premium
The neighbor wasn't new. Him and his wife have lived across the street a long time but I hadn't met him nor my MIL. I pretty much know all the neighbors now but I sure wish he wasn't married. I might be tempted to travel to NY even in snow. LOL

It WAS nice to get back into my routine and interact again EVEN if there ARE some trouble makers in the group......just sayin'

Wine to start my weekend sounds like a good idea doesn't it???? Enjoy yours as well but stay out of trouble.

apache1 Premium Plus
The main thing is you are back safe and sound and Remember it is still Friday not the start of the weekend.

Then again maybe the wine is considered as the warmup for the weekend.

Besides I always stay out of trouble or at least from a safe distance hehe

Enjoy the weekend COMING UP and continue to enjoy your FRIDAY first then Sat then Sun.

Take care

KathyAnne Premium Plus
Happy new year Debbi!!
Debbi26 Premium
Thank you, Kathy.